Super Villain RPG for Gumshoe!!!

THETA INFELIX PROJECT                                                                                                                       10/10, 1953

In the last 55 Years I have meet a number of very wonderful people who l help some very specific peoples’ wishes for specifics to remain constant, or politically upended in an area at a moment’s notice. From protecting profit margins for a client on foreign soil,  to delivering clients dreams to them without hesitation, and finding results.

As of recent, some of us have encountered local vigilantes, government agents, and International forces of power such as you dear reader. We are the power with power, we are beyond lays, we are machines and nations upon ourselves. We destroy and bury those who oppose us, we burn worlds and reshape the ashes.

I, Silver Skull suggest the most powerful of us join together to create something that makes nations tremble. We should join our intel, goals, and resources. While we all have our own bases, we may wish to find a neutral place to meet. Some of us able to build giant robots, some of us with small armies at their disposal, some of us have very special abilities to fit our secret identity,  and some of us have much more. We all have diverse organizations, different skills, and all very complementary. We need to start diversifying into more remote areas, start looking for places to set up papertowns.

Plus with the acronym T.I.P. we get to make cock jokes, and so do our enemies. Also, Iceberg/blade/bullet puns. We can workshop this in the roman villa next a volcano I now have. Also, some of us have been getting Irish Wolfhounds and Great Danes, may I suggest we all get very large dogs of different coloration and/or breads when we meet we have a cool visual idea. I would say large birds, but my animal keeper tells me it would be easier for us all to get large dogs that wild cats, large birds of prey, or sea predators .
Wolves are easier than any birds or sharks according to my animal guy

The Logo is just a circle w/ a line through it, we can all work that into our iconography, it just has to be a dark color, no tattoos needed(unless you are using tattoos to control your minions, or misc. projects). You can even start using it as a marker when our assassins kill for us.

Gladiatores vicimus, imperatores cecidimus. Canes magni Romae sumus, magni canes colles antiquorum sumus. Catuli nostri vulnera lambunt, sicut terram serpentum mundamus et in mari custodimus.

No Serpent-Folks! No Wizards! No Protestants! No Nazis!

Best Wishes to your family this upcoming holiday season,

Jack “Silver Skull” Voorz

What happens if Pulp/or Silver age style villains joined forces to topple the world and fight the Cthulhu Mythos so they have a world to rule. What if “antagonists” feel like their opposition are far too occupied with other threats to actually deal with multi-dimensional threat, and the cargo cult they created(“Cthulhu” is just a security system for the Great-Great-Great Old Ones, the children of various ancient deities who just want to live in deep oceans, deep within the Earth/Sun/Moon/Etc. without being bothered by small scale sentient life who presumes they are gods, and not just 4th-7th dimensional beings. Some of these beings are willing to play with humans for fun, granting them powers or devices from across the cosmos. Theses fake gods make Demigods of despots, or the lucky local. Unfortunately for that may cut into the bottom line of a major company or country.

Use your vast wealth and skills to “liberate” locals from unwanted attentions for another clients needs. What happens when things beyond know time and space interfere, when “that which isn’t” stops production of wealthy clients. When RCMP sends a teen who can run five times as fast as a normal human to look into reports of your giant robots poaching Caribou, or Uncle Sam’s bratty rich kids need someone to make sugar cheaper to make using growth rays in Mexico, and who else is the group you call when you need to help build a massive underwater state of the art utopia in British fishing waters off the Icelandic Coast. If something needs to be liberated or destroyed to keep out/save corporate interests and out of the hands governments/or help governments, are also the primary candidates to destroy something “on accident” while fighting against the physical manifestation of a country(normally group of exceptional nationalists with aid by chemical solutions, astounding super science, or the worst “Magic Users”).

“We defeated the gladiators, we fell the emperors. We are the great dogs of Rome, we are the great dogs of the ancient hills. Our cubs lick their wounds, just as we clean the land and keep the snakes in the sea”
-THETA INFELIX Program Slogan

Hey If you like this idea help us out… It’s going to be for the Gumshoe System, but easily converted to another system quickly.





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