Black Clock Special October: Ken Hite & Ghosts Ken ain’t afraid of no ghosts.   Listen to “Articulated Warbling with Zak Ferguson”and check out Zak’s books w/ this link   This episode is brought to you by Subscribe to PGttCM with DB Spitzer and Sara Fee wherever you subscribe to podcasts, we use podbean and apple podcasts some folks use stitcher.  Continue reading “Black Clock Special October: Ken Hite & Ghosts”

Black Clock Audio Tales 3

Lot #249 part 1 Lot No. 249 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle part 1 Black Clock Audio Tales is a daily podcast that reads you a story. Either a chapter of novel, or a whole short story. Join us in our exploration of old ghost stories, supernatural fiction, horror tales, folk tales, fantasy, gothic horror, weird fiction, and cosmicContinue reading “Black Clock Audio Tales 3”

Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard

Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard Episode 608 First Episode w/ LWS as the co host, it’s all about black books, black stones, mad germans and eating keyboards. buy Zak A Fergison’s book ‘Eat Your Keyboard’. Written by DBS Audio by DBS & LWS Music by Kevin McLeod Edited and ProducedContinue reading “Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard”

Episode 600: What is Weird Fiction?

Episode 600: What is Weird Fiction Episode 600 Series 6 Episode 00 What is Weird Fiction? Hosted by DB Spitzer DB talks about Weird Fiction and Feverish Fiction #5 This episode is brought to you by and For a better understanding of weird fiction I recommend reading ST Joshi’s ‘The Weird Tale’,Continue reading “Episode 600: What is Weird Fiction?”

Episode 63: Panorama of the Thurian Age

Episode 63: Panorama of the Thurian Age This episode we talk of barbarian kings and the land they ruled, also a cool book from Stoneskin Press. #Fantasy #robertehoward #kull #atlantis #pulp #weirdtales #ThurianAge #Cthulhu #stoneskinpress #swords #sorcery Edited and produced by DB Spitzer Music by Kevin MacLeod PGttCM is on Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook and Instagram, notContinue reading “Episode 63: Panorama of the Thurian Age”

Henry Kuttner

A new episode and a reading about Henry Kuttner. Episode 62: Henry Kuttner All caught up on back episodes for now. This week we talk about Henry Kuttner and his creations. Reading 9: The Shadow on the Screen This weeks reading is brought to you by A tale from 1930s Hollywood, pulpy lovecraftian taleContinue reading “Henry Kuttner”

Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth Whoa Momma! Mother Hydra, the origins of her name is part one, part two is ‘weird shadows over innsmouth’ published by Fedogan & Bremer, and edited by Stephen Jones. Some really great stories in that one. Third and final section is a reading of “The Discarded Draft ofContinue reading “Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth”