Age of Lovecraft


Edited by Carl H. Sederholm & Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
Foreword by Ramsey Campbell
Published by University of Minnesota Press

The Age of Lovecraft is a welcome treat. A critical look at the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft is typically the scholarship of  English Literature, Folklorists, Antiquarians or of Theologians.

Finally Lovecraft in the form of peer reviewed papers by way darkest Academia. A foreword by author Ramsey Campbell, mostly about HPL’s influence on culture.
Next we are treated to several pieces on Lovecraft and his writing. Topics vary from Realism, to sexuality in HPL’s writings. Comparisons to Neil Gaiman and Ridley Scott are made. Lovecraft gets compared to visual artists of his era and philosophers of his time as well.

I Highly recommend this book for people interested in thinking more critically about Lovecraft. This is a really great collection of different thoughts from many different angles about one of the Twentieth Century’s greatest authors.

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