Superhero RPG Sample

The following is an example and an infodrop for my ttrpg.
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  • 13 billion years ago, Azathoth and Yakkub began to exist due to fission of a nameless god..
  • 9 Billion years ago multidimensional life forms within Azathoth.
  • 7 billion years ago, lower multidimensional life began to migrate to “The Shadow of Azathoth”, a Four-dimensional space full of Three-dimensional life. Known by the Elders and Yith as the Old Ones, the monstrous titans who ruled the earth before the Yith and Elders arrived.
  • 4.5 Billion years ago Earth forms within “The Shadow of Azathoth”
  • 3.5 billion years ago, several older beings crossed over to the shadow and found themselves, stuck and limited to fewer dimensions while in the shadow.
  • 1 Billion Years ago, the first form of complex arrived on Earth from another part of the shadow. These beings call themselves “The Elders” due to the fact they are the oldest, and most complex life they have ever encountered. As time goes on, The Elders make complex life forms while working on bio-engineered heavy equipment, and a whole array of beings. Beings from Azathoth begin breeding with bio-engineered life creating abominations, and the Azathothian Strain (which acts differently with different species).
  • 400 Million years ago. A race calling themselves “The Yith”. Beings born from the shadow’s distant future find Earth suitable as a place to “mind swap” an entire race of beings. They also went to war with The Elders and many of the Elder’s bio-engineered species (several large beings of an indescribable nature). The Elders attack the Yith with flying bio-weapons.
  • 300 Million Years ago Three races revolted against the Elders; one race is bipedal amphibians known as Thuum’ha; the other a rather large semi-solid being known for its ability to build and destroy, known as a shoggoth. The last race was of bipedal serpent people.
  • 250 Million years ago, The Elders built a giant structure in the middle of the ocean they inhabit that emits a warning to The Thuum’ha, the Yith, and Serpent people. If anyone tried to shut off the warning, they would be with a large stationary bio-weapon that guards the gate to the new capital of the elders, they meet Cthulhue stopped
  • The Philosopher Emperor Tsathoggua seeks refuge on Earth, sets up an empire, and begins breeding new life deep within the earth.
  • 160 Million Years ago, The Yith went to war against worm beings from Yukkub and won.
  • 6 Million Years ago, the Mi-Go fungus on a long forgotten moon of Jupiter gained sentience and began asking the hard questions of the universe and became a hive philosopher.
  • 5 Million years ago a group of Hominids called the Voormi gained their freedom from the Serpent People. The Voormi have an oral tradition about the shadow and it’s history that they paint and carve into stones. Several icons of this basic language are the symbols known to keep beings from outside the show at bay.
  • 1 Million years ago pre-human sorcerers and wizards developed a language that interacts with the higher dimensions of frequency, it generally takes 2-4 modern humans (at the same time) to pronounce the iconography of this language.
  • 750,000 Million Years ago a Voormi named Knylathin Zhaum was born after his mother became impregnated by the ancient bring from the shadow named Tsathoggua. The Voormi found that it could change shape, mimic other creatures, and that they were very, very powerful sorcerers. Knylathin Zhaum terrorized Hyperborian age until it got frozen in ice by pre-human wizards.
  • 20,000 BCE Humanity has arisen and tries to make sense of it’s prehuman ancestors warnings about Cthulhu, Shoggoths, Azathoth and it’s shadow. As punishment for what their ancestors did, Knylathin begins tormenting humanity, civilization by civilization. Giving powers to its followers, and destroying people who interfere with its plans.
  • 12,000 BCE Middle Paleolithic humans become corrupted by the teachings of Knylathin Zhaum, The Azathothian strain of humans gained rubbery tight pale purplish skin, ageless, but needing to feed on other humans.
  • 2613 BCE, Pharaoh Nephron-Ka begins worshiping Knylathin Zhaum as Nyarlat, humanity begins a “Cargo Cult” based on not understanding of the shadow, or the history of earth (This includes cults worshiping a security bio-machine, mistranslating ancient mistranslations, recreating dances of the Yith, Voormi funeral rights, and copying Nyarlat’s movements to try to copy his magic in the form of diagrams).
  • 200 BCE The Ghoul Empire begins beneath the Maghreb, the capital being a large underground necropolis known as the Vale of Pnath
  • 592 AD The Mi-go leave their moon to find other life in their solar system. They build a series of colonies on the moons of the inner planets of their solar system. Their largest colony is on the far side of the moon of a water-covered planet full of rare elements.
  • 738 AD an enclave of astronomers and mathematicians in Damascus created a collection of pre-human scholarship on the shadow, writings on Nyralat and various Old Ones. Fictional people are attributed to keep them free from arrest; the book is Kitab-al-Azif.
  • 14th Century AD The Mi-Go began experimenting with devices left throughout the solar system by the now nearly extinct Elders, former Yith colonies, and quite a few Old Ones. The Mi-go create their own religions to various aspects of Azathoth they perceive as beings they call “The Outer Gods”. Sometime in the late 13th Century they began teaching sentient life on earth about Azthoth and others.
  • Late 15th Century AD The Kitab-al-Azif gets reprinted as “The Necronomicon”. To distance itself from Kitab-al-Azif, a series of forgeries are created. To create a false history sever books written in French, Greek, and Latin.
  • 1526 AD, Suleiman the Magnificent orders a small army to dispatch creatures affected by the azathothian strain using the original copy of the Kitab-al-Azif. Over a million years ago, Tsathoggua mated with its Thuum’ha slaves creating a series of vile batrachian monsters. Many of which lived in epic temples to Tsathoggua built by the Voormi over 50 million years ago.
  • 1572 AD Sir Humphrey Gilbert uses a copy of The Necronomicon, “casting a spell” that summons creatures of “glass and light” to support the Dutch Sea Beggars against the Spanish Hapsburgs. Gilbert suggests destruction across Europe. Pope Gregory XIII bans all books based on Kitab-al-Azif, The Necronomicon, and any related works.
  • 1611 AD Thuum’ha that have been living deep in the ocean begin their obsession with surface dwellers. They begin setting up a few colonies in the Maldives and in the Tawi-Tawi Providence, breeding with the locals and teaching them their religions. Most humans would either join, or avoid the areas. The Thuum’ha god Dagon consumed any humans.
  • 1644 AD “Witch Cults” centered around the formulas found in Azathothian text began forming in Dutch and English Colonies, France, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • 1779 AD The Board of Improvement Commissioners in Cardiff, Wales found nearly two dozen Serpent folks acting as merchants, the serpent folk went to the penal colony in Port Arthur in Tasmania to only disappear among the convicts.
  • 1882 AD János Bolyai discovers non-Euclidean geometry.
  • 1895 AD Hilfax, Canada Thom Battelle constructed the first ray gun from notes of an old man from Queensland, Australia, and used it to rob several Norwegian vessels.
  • 1896 AD Aurora, Texas Several cattle rustlers find a Mi-Go ship and begin terrorizing the people between The United States and New Zealand for nearly 12 years until the ship blew up over the Pacific Northwest
  • 1902, The Catholic Church ordered the destruction of all images of Bolyai.
  • 1903, Serpent Folk Colony discovered in Tasmania, discovered by local forces. Rumors of smallpox affecting the region cover the extermination of the Serpent folk. Its suspected that Serpent folk have set up colonies all over Oceana.
  • 1908 AD, a cult of Azathoth in Siberia tries to speak to their deity and ends up destroying 830 sq mi of forest in Eastern Siberian Taiga.
  • 1913 Ghoulish humans are found outside of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Federal Agents found the ghouls feeding on the remains of humans who had recently died as a result of a battle of Ciudad Juárez.
  • 1914-1939 AD The Western Hemisphere sees a rise in people rediscovering ancient texts, ancient works of art, and even species related to the Azathothian strain. Wars bring ghouls, and the curiosity of the Mi-Go. As technology improves, new leaps in science lead to new ways to study ancient cultures. Yith and the Elders technology created new vistas of Super-Science.
  • American scientists and adventurers seek out and discover new secrets of the Serpent folks and the Mi-Go.
  • 1943 AD The United States sets up the Dept. of Super-Science to research recovered ancient technology and newer wreckage of Mi-Go vessels found on Mount Rainier, Washington, in 1935, 1941, and 1947. Recovered technology is studied and reverse engineered many artifacts over the next few years.
  • 1944 The United States begins experimental treatments on soldiers using biological agents recovered from various sites(Antarctica, crash recovery sites in Washington State, Australia, and The Philippines. Some of these serums improved the size and strength of soldiers, while others gave them other classified abilities. Via espionage, various western and eastern powers (China, USSR, and the UK) steal many of the secrets.
  • 1951 A series of events causes several industrialists and leaders of small countries to form a coalition to fight against soldiers altered via super science and any other problems about the Azathothian strain, or any other threats that larger powers ignore or exploit for gain.
  • In 1968, a gateway opens between two new worlds. One world is a bright dream world; the other is a constantly shifting, dingy city.
  • 1969-1972 Drug cults from all over the world begin to experiment with ancient texts and hard drugs to summon Old Ones or find themselves wandering an empty shifting, pale city.
  • 1981 Human scientists begin tinkering with Mi-Go tech inside the walls of academia and the private sector, human tech takes on a more super science feeling.
  • 1984 Several nations form an alliance against working with the Mi-Go. North America, and much of Western Europe continue to work with the Mi-Go
  • 1989, a Czechoslovakian task force of Super-Adventurers made their way to the Mi-Go mothership and destroyed it, losing their lives in the process. Unknown Scandinavian soldiers recover some of the wreckage. It is still unknown which country was responsible, or who had most of the craft and why they left what they did.
  • 1990 Mi-go biocomputers, and biotech, cyberware begins to slowly enter human society. Humans use silicon and plastic instead of fungi like the Mi-Go.
  • At first it is only government employees who receive bio/cyberware. Via computers of handheld tablets, people in 1999 had access to a data matrix known as the Global Media Network (GMN), or “The Net”.
  • 2000 Cyberware is common; a rash of people lose their memories, and it quickly becomes apparent that it is the return of the Yithians in remote towns across the world, trying to bioengineer bodies like they had millions of years ago. Several Yithians form MegaCorporations from several lifetimes of wealth, and their knowledge of Yithian technology.
  • 2010 The Thuum’ha begin to attack the surface world. Most wealthy people live in a colony on the moon. Some Super-Adventures still exist, but most are Cyber-Adventurers. Humanity spends all of it’s time in cyberspace, and doesn’t notice a rise of the Thuum’ha.
  • 2020 World War III destroys the world’s surface; destroyed by germ warfare.
  • Humans fight each other, and Old Ones on a ruined Earth. The Thuum’ha have now build cities on the surface, and humans can work as slaves for safety from the outside
  • 2030 Super Criminals and Super Adventurers return to fight the Thuum’ha.
  • 2050 the Migo are defeated
  • 2099 Humanity has several colonies on Jupiter moons, and Mars. Space travel is common, but costly. Cosmic Horrors still lurk in our solar system in the dark corners.

What Humanity is known as the Milky Way Galaxy is the lower dimensions of a multi-dimensional entity known as Azathoth. The being is so massive and long living that it has been by many names, by many cultures.

Over the next 4 billion years, life developed on and around Azathoth. Eventually higher dimensional beings formed and found their ways across the great god. Some formed cultures, some created life, some wares against others. Some creatures godlike themselves, others just the largest of their species, dominated the multiple dimensions of time and space.

Many races have ruled our planet in the last Billion Years, the first being the elders, a complex multi-dimensional race of scientists-artists. The mighty philosopher Tsathoggua lives deep beneath sleeping only to eat. Races from distant suns but from recent times bleed into our reality, bringing horrors beyond imaging along with it.

Super Adventurer Timeline

  • 1910 DLPI formed(Dark League of Peace International)
  • 1919 the NESLA is formed (New England Super Legion of Adventurers)
  • in 1921 Super Adventurers and Super Criminals began to form all over the world.
  • 1939 Super Adventurers begin taking sides in WWII
  • in 1945, the various adventurer groups begin to help their various countries rebuild an era of prosperity.
  • 1951 WCSLA (West Coast Super Legion of Adventurers) & NESLA create a city on the moon after citizens complain about Super-Adventurers living on earth
  • 1964 Crimpire Takes Over the Moon
  • 1969 A war on the moon against super adventurers
  • 1973, the war on the moon spills down to Earth
  • 1980 The first Super Olympics 
  • 1983 Bio-tech begins to show up in adventurers hosted on the moon.
  • 1987 A discovery in the Balkans causes pain to super adventurers and super criminals.
  • 1991 Super Adventurers move to the Moon
  • 2030 Super Criminals and Super Adventurers return to fight the Thuum’ha.
  • In 2050, Finally defeated the Mi-Go leave the Earth, Moon, and Mars
  • 2099 Humanity has several colonies on Jupiter moons, and Mars. Space travel is common, but costly.

In the late 1890, several people were discovered, either during wartime or by scientists. They took on the moniker “Super Adventurers”, some of the folks started hiding their identities, and used their new found attention for personal gain or for their country.

Adventurers sold their stories to be printed in the fictional “Charles River Weekly”. In later adventure series many characters would work for the CRW in later years as reporters and photographers for their alter ego. Adventurers get involved in global politics during WWI & WWII. Many new powered adventurers arose with new strange abilities.

New threats with abilities, and even from beyond the stars or time. Soon fights were breaking out in many metropolitan areas between whole teams of super adventurers.

In later years, it was more than physical dangers that plagued adventurers. Psychic powers, engendered drugs, bio-engineered weapons, and weirder.

T.C.Q. Timeline

  • 1910 TQP founded(Top Quality Pulp)
  • 1936 Sons get business from fathers and try their hardest to run business into the ground by creating a more adult(a spicy/violent) paper, but instead making an insane about of money selling violence and horror to the working class.
  • 1941 TQPC becomes a magazine and goes to war, issues left behind inspire writers in France, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.
  • 1951 the year of a million hearings, the company becomes TQC
  • 1963 a grieving country gets into TQC titles in response to the death of a president
  • 1966 TCQ begins signing Hugo, and Nebula winning writers, and artists of all types.
  • !970 The DPLI Movie makes its money back, which leads to a WCSLA saturday morning cartoon.
  • 1972 Larry Stone is brought on distribution of pornographic material in southern American states.
  • 1973 TQP Closes, while Stone focuses on cannabis, and adult magazines.
  • 1978 TQP is reopened by family members
  • 1981 DPLI Cartoon appears on night-time paid-cable
  • 1983 NESLA video game crashes the video game market
  • 1986 TPQ Closes and various properties are divided between several media companies.

Based on the adventures of pulp writers for Top-Quality Pulp, Friends John Black and Lance Stone started a monthly collection of their weekly comics and stories in a 64 page tabloid in 1910.
In 1912 they included comic strips based on the action scenes of some of their stories. The illustrations become a large part of the publications. 

Top Quality Pulp and Comics was Created by John Black and Lance Stone(Johan Schwartz and Lawrence Goldstein) in 1931, later renamed TQC. They Coined the term “Super-Adventurers” in 1935 to distinguish between pulp/horror adventurers and the characters in super-science/horror/sci-fi adventures. Known for its pulps and comics(science, adventure, romance, comics about super adventurers). Moving from a less durable comic format and taking on a magazine format in 1941 to travel with American GIs in WWII. Known for its more risqué covers, and adult themes TQC titles were normally found with more adult magazines, and able to print more violent imagery and horrific themes than a standard comic in the 1950’s and 60’s. 

The company is handed down to the oldest child i.e. John Black>JB jr.>Jon Black III>Jan Swartz-Goldstein, and  Lance Stone>Lawrence Stone Jr.>Lawrence Goldstein III>Larry Stone IV. 75% of all of the drawings of women are based on Mrs. Margaret Stone(wife of Lawrence Stone) and her daughter Jan Swartz-Goldstein. The comics are based on the pulps, the comics also became cartoons in the 1960s and 1990s, and television shows in the 2020s.