NYARLATHOEP 15/Sumiko Saulson/Objects & Environments


Sumiko Saulson

  • Queen in Red & Set/The Outer Planes(Middle)
  • Shugoran & Skeletal Horror/The Outer Planes(Lower)
  • Skinless One & Small Crawler/The Inner Planes
  • Spiraling Worm & Tezcatlipoca/The Astral Plane
  • Thing in the Yellow Mask & Thoth/The Feywild
  • Tick-Tock Man & Wailing Writher/The Shadowfell
  • Nyogtha and Family/The Far Realms
  • Othuyeg/Deities & Demi-Planes
  • The Pallid Mask/D&D Settings

Complete HP Lovecraft 

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Recorded at the KZOM studio in Oleander, Oregon
Edited/Music by DB Spitzer
Dave lied, I still feel like trash.
I went to the doc, going to get this rotten tooth pulled soon.


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