Released January 3, 2020, All songs written by Andy Jeglic and Connor Peil

The eponymous debut album of the Lansing-based Progressive Metal band, Orc. This record is an attempt to blend progressive, time signature experimentation into a stoner-metal veneer.

I love Orcs, if I’m not playing a bard in an RPG I will play an Orc. Why? Orcs are awesome. Tusked death machines with one goal, survival. This Lansing, MI Prog band has the concept down. Drums & Bass and that is it. That is all Orc needs to tell its stoner doomy tales reminiscent of Robert E Howard, JRR Tolkien, or 1980s AD&D campaigns. That is it, one of the coolest sounding, atmospheric, stripped down bands I have heard in years.

Each song is a little story, making the album more of a fantasy/horror anthology.
I say put this on during battles in D&D, play this while you drive long distances at night, when you have a task and need a little help getting it done, or when razing a elven village.

They make me want to play an Orc Bard.
This reminds me of an amazing mutation of Green River and The Sword, that was then reduced down to a two-piece group. The dark fuzzy anger of Green River, and the thematic and evocative nature of The Sword’s lyrics.
Sounds like Orcs to me.
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