Peoples Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos 1103: Averoigne(w/ Harms, Heath & Hite)


Ken Hite appears at 00:03:00 Ken’s Book

Dan Harms appears at 00:37:20 Dan’s Book

David Heath appears at 56:00 Dave’s Corner of the Universe


People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos
1103/Series 11 Episode 3

Ken’s Book

Dan’s Book

Dave’s Corner of the Universe

Podcast Schedule(bcat/pgttcm):


PGttCM 1004: Tcho-Tcho, Loigor, Loigor, and Zhar
PGttCM 1101: Nephrem-Ka/Egypt and the Mythos/Egyptology

PGttCM 1102: Shaggai/The Insects from Shaggai

PGttCM 1103: Averoigne/CAS

PGttCM 1104: Ghouls/Ghouls in literature

PGttCM 1105: Glaaki/Ramsey Campbell’s Mythos

PGttCM 1106: Toad Gods/Stregoicavar

BCAT Jan: Edgar Allan Poe
BCAT feb: Jules Verne
BCAT mar: Washington Inving
BCAT apr: L. Frank Baum
BCAT may: Ambrose Bierce/Devil’s Dictionary


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Produced and Edited by DB Spitzer


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Recorded at Badger’s Drift Studio in Portland, Oregon.


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Ice Demon, The Chamber by Kevin MacLeod (

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