Three Imposters part 5

March 2020

Pandemic Special 1-5 Arthur Machen’s Three Imposters

The novel comprises several weird tales and culminates in a final denouement of deadly horror, connected with a secret society devoted to debauched pagan rites. The three impostors of the title are members of this society who weave a web of deception in the streets of London—relating the aforementioned weird tales in the process—as they search for a missing Roman coin commemorating an infamous orgy by the Emperor Tiberius and close in on their prey: “the young man with spectacles”.

  1. Prologue
  2. Adventure of the Gold Tiberius
  3. The Encounter of the Pavement
  4. Novel of the Dark Valley
  5. Adventure of the Missing Brother
  6. Novel of the Black Seal
  7. Incident of the Private Bar
  8. The Decorative Imagination
  9. Novel of the Iron Maid
  10. The Recluse of Bayswater
  11. Novel of the White Powder
  12. Strange Occurrence in Clerkenwell
  13. History of the Young Man with Spectacles
  14. Adventure of the Deserted Residence


Podcast Schedule(bcat/pgttcm):

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  • PGttCM 1103: Averoigne/CAS
  • PGttCM 1104: Ghouls/Ghouls in literature
  • PGttCM 1105: Glaaki/Ramsey Campbell’s Mythos
  • PGttCM 1106: Toad Gods/Stregoicavar
  • BCAT mar: Nikolai Gogol
  • BCAT apr: L. Frank Baum
  • BCAT may: Ambrose Bierce
  • BCAT jun: George Oewell

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Recorded at Badger’s Drift Studio in Portland, Oregon.

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