December is Jack London!

Podcast Schedule(bcat/pgttcm):

Jan- REH/Tcho-Tcho’s

Feb- Jules Verne/Nephrem-Ka

Mar- Kenneth Grahame/The Shaggai

Apr- Washington Irving/Averoigne

May-  L. Frank Baum/Ghouls

June- Ambrose Bierce/Glaaki

  1. The Iron Heel Preface, The Iron Heel  1
  2. The Iron Heel   2, The Iron Heel  3
  3. The Iron Heel  4, The Iron Heel   5
  4. The Iron Heel   6, The Iron Heel  7, The Iron Heel   8
  5. The Iron Heel   9, The Iron Heel   10
  6. The Iron Heel   11, The Iron Heel   12, The Iron Heel   13
  7. The Iron Heel   14, The Iron Heel   15, The Iron Heel   16
  8. The Iron Heel  17, The Iron Heel  18, The Iron Heel  19
  9. The Iron Heel  20, The Iron Heel  21, The Iron Heel  22
  10. The Iron Heel  23, The Iron Heel  24, The Iron Heel  25
  11. The Sea Wolf 1, The Sea Wolf 2
  12. The Sea Wolf 3, The Sea Wolf 4
  13. The Sea Wolf 5, The Sea Wolf 6
  14. The Sea Wolf 7, The Sea Wolf 8, The Sea Wolf 9
  15. The Sea Wolf 10, The Sea Wolf 11, The Sea Wolf 12
  16. The Sea Wolf 13, The Sea Wolf 14, The Sea Wolf 15
  17. The Sea Wolf 16, The Sea Wolf 17
  18. The Sea Wolf 18, The Sea Wolf 19, The Sea Wolf 20
  19. The Sea Wolf 21, The Sea Wolf 22, The Sea Wolf 23, The Sea Wolf 24
  20. The Sea Wolf 25, The Sea Wolf 26
  21. The Sea Wolf 27, The Sea Wolf 28, The Sea Wolf 29
  22. The Sea Wolf 30, The Sea Wolf 31, The Sea Wolf 32
  23. The Sea Wolf 33, The Sea Wolf 34, The Sea Wolf 35
  24. The Sea Wolf 36, The Sea Wolf 37
  25. The Sea Wolf 38, The Sea Wolf 39

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Ice Demon, The Chamber by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License