Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee & the Portland Horror Film Festival 2018


In Lovecraft’s tale, Robert Blake is a young author and painter from MilwaukeeWisconsin. He comes to Providence, Rhode Island and moves into an apartment on College Street. While there, he completes five short stories: “The Burrower Beneath”, “The Feaster from the Stars”, “In the Vale of Pnath”, “Shaggai”, and “The Stairs in the Crypt”. He becomes obsessed with a deserted church on Federal Hill that he can see from his window. He later learns of a cult that was once active there, the Church of Starry Wisdom. His investigation of this cult inevitably leads to his death.


We also talk about the radness of the PHFF.

Audio by Sara Fee & DB Spitzer

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Available June 26, 2018