The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia(Review)

61q3jtxr2byl-_sx322_bo1204203200_This is a necessary resource for anyone serious about the Cthulhu Mythos. Whether you are a writer, gamer or  an enthusiast of HP Lovecraft  and other horrors, this book is highly recommended. The information in this book is great for creating plot hooks, or what stories to search for to learn more about a specific topic for further exploration.

Need to find out more about Ubbo-Sathla to write a time travel story about wizards?
Look up Ubbo-Sathla, find out that Clark Ashton Smith wrote Ubbo-Sathla, and that god is mentioned in the Book of Eibon. You’ll find an appendices about the Necronomicon.
More importantly Dan Harms included a guide on how to handle and use others intellectual property from a non-legalistic standpoint, but more from a standpoint of being ethically creative while respecting  the continuity.
Somewhere in storage I have the second edition of this book, but I have a digital copy on my iPhone, laptop and desktop computer. For my podcast I find this to be a great resource.
Unfortunately I have occasionally ran across instances where Mr. Harms references a story that is no longer in print and hard to find(even after contacting the author or the story). That would be my only gripe. Otherwise this is wonderful, also I am happy that it is a book that covers literature as well as RPG source material due to the fact that the two have become intertwined in the last 30+ years. I am also thankful that the book doesn’t rely on any goofy lovecraftian tricks, spooky typefaces or faux-aged paper.

It’s nice to have some people take this space monster business seriously.