Episode 211: Worms


In 1935, the editor of Fantasy Magazine asked five prominent science fiction writers and five prominent fantasy writers to write two “round-robin” stories, both called The Challenge From Beyond. The authors of the fantasy version were C.L. MooreA. MerrittH.P. LovecraftRobert E. Howard and Frank Belknap Long. We read this one, it has Worms in more way than one.

We then talk of Sandworms(Shai-Hulud) from Dune, not the variety from
Tsathoggua’s homeworld featured in Beetlejuice. Then we talk about Graboids.
Something I didn’t mention in the podcast is  sometimes when I play Fallout 3 or
Fallout NV I play “Don’t Touch the lava”(only walk on cement and black-top, dirt is lava) or “Don’t get Graboided”(Can’t touch the floor or the graboids get you).
I hope someone makes a graboid mod someday for fallout.