#HPLFF 20th ed.

I went to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival like I do every year. Portland, Oregon is my hometown. I currently live across the river in Vancouver, Washington. I was lucky enough to stay with friends who lived nearby the theater. It also happened to be Greek Fest, a celebration of greek culture, but mostly peopleContinue reading “#HPLFF 20th ed.”

I am so Excited!!!

In a day or two I will be recording an episode about DELTA GREEN. What is Delta Green? According to one of the creators/writers/illustrator Dennis Detwiller DELTA GREEN is the following: Players come to Delta Green for all kinds of reasons. They’re eager to solve a mystery, kill a villain or destroy a monster. These outcomes areContinue reading “I am so Excited!!!”

Episode 10 1: An intro to Clark Ashton Smith(part 1)

First episode is up, welcome to the first episode. It’s all about Clark Ashton Smith Monster/Gods. You can check us out on Twitter, Tumblr, or contact me @DrunkSatanRobot.