I am so Excited!!!

In a day or two I will be recording an episode about DELTA GREEN. What is Delta Green? According to one of the creators/writers/illustrator Dennis Detwiller DELTA GREEN is the following: Players come to Delta Green for all kinds of reasons. They're eager to solve a mystery, kill a villain or destroy a monster. These outcomes are … Continue reading I am so Excited!!!

Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015

Super busy working on other projects as of now, listen to Ken and Robin from CthulhuPDX2015. Keep an eye out for a mini-episode before my Innsmouth Episode. Listen as you hear me ask stupid questions about Dracula vs Elder Sign, modern cults of Tsathoggua, and my suggestion about Charles Nelson Reilly being reanimated for True … Continue reading Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015


Did you know you can buy junk I MAKE? IT'S A FACT. I make super cheap junk you can wear or look at. That's what I do. I've got a rad digital artbook about monsters. I also make shirts, and posters. Thanks for being awesome.