RFFDG 2016

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The Rockford Files Files Drinking Game

(AKA Rockford Files Bingo)

by DB Spitzer

The Rockford Files was one of my favorite shows growing up, and I used to watch it on an old b/w TV. Weekdays it was always on KPTV-12 in Portland, Oregon mid-afternoon, after Perry Mason, but before Bonanza. I remember thinking it was filmed in North Portland, because I thought everything you saw on TV was filmed in your town until I was Six. I used to stand on the porch and hope Jim Rockford would drive down my street(him or Fonzie), or ask me for help. Give me a break, it was 1979-81, and I was Three-Six years old.

Also, Rockford Files was awesome to watch when I was sick. Alternatively the following list could also be put on a BINGO board. Rockford Files is on Hulu and Netflix currently(8/10/16).

The rules are simple, if something on the list happens you drink. Drinking games are kinda dumb, this is mostly to point out specific things happen on TRF. Yeah it’s a little formulaic, but it’s never mean spirited or dumb. It’s a fun, action packed TV show that looks like a movie.

  1. Answering Machine, you drink(center of the BINGO board).
  2. The weeks guest is someone famous(Lindsay Wagner, James Woods, etc.).
  3. CAR CHASE!(drink during the whole car chase, and don’t try this at home)
  4. Jim gets punched.
  5. Jim punches someone. Two drinks if he suckerpunches the person.
  6. If Jim spends all day, or takes an overnight trip doing something that would take a minute with a smartphone, or computer.
  7. Jim uses a gun, drink your whole drink.
  8. Pay-Phone.
  9. Someone is doing something that is now illegal(no seat belts, smoking inside a public building, etc.).
  10. Local police acting like jerks.
  11. Organized Crime acting like jerks.
  12. Rich people acting like jerks.
  13. Young innocent woman in trouble.
  14. Close-up on a goon.
  15. You see an area used to film M*A*S*H.
  16. Jim gets drugged, you drink.
  17. Jim uses a clever detective trick.
  18. Rocky is on the screen.
  19. a variation of the theme song is played.
  20. Jim uses a false identity.
  21. Jim solves a crime.
  22. Jim gets Kidnaped.
  23. Jim stumbles onto a greater conspiracy.
  24. Jim gets paid.
  25. A Murder?


Also, I am getting back to work on my Rockford Files Files Podcast again, it may be a occasional bonus episode. Yeah it’s a little formulaic, but it’s never mean spirited or dumb. It’s a fun, action packed TV show that looks like a movie. They will be super short in comparison to regular PGttCM episodes.