PGttCM’s Favorite Youtubers.

Our Favorite Youtubers

I love to watch youtube game walkthrough game and/or mod reviews on the youtubes as I working in the kitchen and/or various projects.

I have a mac so I don’t get to play some games, and I don’t want to build a wine/cider wrapper for something and buy it on steam until I know it’s worth it. Also I tend to mod games in the elder scrolls and fallout series, these are all good resources. Give these dudes a watch.



Albert Chestbreach is a hyper-idiot manchild who lives on the moon and works at a box factory. His favorite food is “Wendy’s”, and he plays Fallout NV more then I do and records himself talking to cats.

Al’s Youtube channel is populated by customized characters from Fallout NV(A radroach named Steve, A ghoul named Jetty McGhoulberry, a robot named Captain Ballarms(I once drew a picture of Ballarms as Captain Crunch for Al’s youtube show ‘RLF’) and a deathclaw named Mr. Cuddlesworth. Funny weird stuff(His name is really bill, he studied film and this is what he does for fun). <The Al Team Video>



Do you love video games? Do you love wine? Kottabos does, and it shows;).
Funny and well spoken, Kottabos is a semi anxious Fallout player, and a master engineer with KSP. It’s fun to listen to him over explain his choices, especially during EU4.
<Watch as he plays a Dr. Wu themed playthrough>



A surgical tactician with a jet black sense of humor, Jon is the voice of Many a True Nerd. He is the guy who did the you tube video of how to play fallout w/o dying once(You only live once playthough). Watch as he tries to either break or beat all the games. The most ruthless player of FTL i’ve ever seen. One of my favorite Fallout 4 players.
<Watch how he deals with raiders>



Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon, the man who made duskers fun.
Being named after a line from the family safe redub of Die Hard should give you an idea of the tone of this youtube channel, but it doesn’t.
A fun youtube channel to watch as Mr. Falcon keeps a family alive in Sheltered or him having conversations with “Dogman”(Dogmeat in Fallout 4). <His current Don’t Starve is quite fun to watch>