We haven’t gone away, just busy…

Trying to set up a podcasting network, finding folks who want to podcast is tough.
If you know anyone in the PNW who wants to start up a podcast, send them my way.PGttCMLogo3000x3000



  1. Weird. Just searching for a new podcast after listening to Blurry Photos and HPLLP and a couple others you mentioned in ep. 1 . Recognized the name Drunk Satan Robot and gave it a listen. I got me a new favorite! Thank you!


  2. Thank you so much, glad to hear it.
    I love me some Blurry Photos & HPLLP, someday I hope to be as pro sounding as HPLLP, or as funny as Blurry Photos.


    • I like they way your doing it already. The music throughout and interludes are great. Ha! Just heard you mention monster kid radio, another favorite!


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