Podcasting For Cheapskates

el cheapo set up for podcasting.
I got mac, keyboard and a microphone… WHERE IT’S AT!

My current set up for podcasting is as follows.

  • a microphone from newegg by a company in china that doesn’t have a website.
  • a bluetooth keyboard my mac doesn’t recognize, yet somehow it works.
  • Headphones I got for X-mas a few years back.
  • textedit(for super rough outlines of what i’m going to ramble on about).
  • garageband from iLife ’09
  • mid-2009 13″ macbook pro (upgraded to 4GB, busted s key, busted trackpad)

Somehow it worked. You could buy a macbook like mine for around $460-500.
(If it’s busted like mine it would probably be closer to $200-300)
The Mic was $12
The Keyboard was $24
Headphones $20

You could build a mobile setup like mine for as little as $256.
Also, if you have a 1st Gen. iPod Nano laying around, you can send it back to apple for a replacement(bad battery). I did this, and they gave me a current gen iPod Nano, no headphones, just an adapter for the older usb cables iPods, and iPhones use.
Contact Apple here

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