Welcome to Portland: A Podcast

What’s that?

It’s a weekly podcast that we produce with the help of guests visiting Portland, Oregon. Also, I have friends and colleagues on to talk.

What Happens?

Someone comes over and tells one of their favorite stories and gets fancy snacks, and something to drink.

What type of Story?

A personal story you like to tell, the one you tell your friends at parties, or first dates, or maybe just a personal triumph you want to share.
NO hate speech, No solicitors

What type of Snacks?

The host is also a chef who focuses on charcuterie, fermentation, and food preservation. I brew beers weekly as well, and have a revolving menu posted on the facebook weekly.

Want to be on the show and get some snacks?

Be on the show!

I use airbnb as a booking site so I don’t have to use a booking agent for the show, they pre-screen so I don’t have weirdos I don’t know in my studio. I do invite weirdos I personally know to be on my show.
MSG us via FB w/ any dietary requirements, otherwise I assume you are an omnivore w/o allergies(include day and time).