Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015

Super busy working on other projects as of now, listen to Ken and Robin from CthulhuPDX2015. Keep an eye out for a mini-episode before my Innsmouth Episode. Listen as you hear me ask stupid questions about Dracula vs Elder Sign, modern cults of Tsathoggua, and my suggestion about Charles Nelson Reilly being reanimated for True … Continue reading Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015

Episode 103: Wrath of Cthulhucon

I went to Cthulhucon PDX 2015, and then I talk about it for a longtime. You should go next year, here is why... Episode 103: Wrath of Cthulhucon Show notes: Writers/Publishers Ken Hite Robin D Laws Leslie S Klinger Willum Hopfrog Pugmire Derek M Koch A. Scott Glancey Artists/Designers Leeman Kesser Mike Dalager Paul Komoda … Continue reading Episode 103: Wrath of Cthulhucon