Audient Void & Repo Man


Episode 51 is about a small press horror journal, a punk film from the 1980s and the second half of the Tale of Rhan-Tegoth


Next, Next Episode

episode51.pngIn the next week or two I’ll be dropping an episode about a new Lovecraftian Journal named ‘The Audient Void’ and one of the best movies ever…

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305s: A Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls


305s: a Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls


Experiments in Ghostbusting

2.png30GB84: Experiments in Ghostbusting

DB talks about how to shed new light on a favorite movie of many, about how awful the filmation TV/cartoon show was. If you don’t intend on seeing the new Ghostbusters because it “ruins the old movies”, don’t listen to this episode or podcast.

Still wishing there was a Ghostbusters 3?
DB tells you where to find its bones.

OG Ghostbuster III(AKA Evolution)

Extreme Ghostbusters

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304s: Lovecraftian ProTips


Episode 304s
Lovecraft’s advice about weird fiction writing, Dan Clowes’ fever dream of a comic and Lovecraftian sonnets.

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Cannibalistic Rural Folk re-edit

206: Cannibalistic Rural Folk(re-edit)

 This episode needed a re-edit superbad. I removed as much unnecessary stuff as possible.
Special thanks to Asst. Prof. Carter Soles of films at SUNY.

Prepare for Trouble, and make it Double…

Next episode we talk about my favorite space monster/god, and some video game Yokai.

This may get out of control. This may be a multi-parter, but it may not happen at all considering the weather right now. Loud stormy weather.

Also, FalloutNV is still tons of fun.

People's Guide to the Cthulhu Myhtos

And if our podcast was a country our flag would look like this.



Episode 204: Necrophagy Part 1

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You know little green ghouls
-Charlie Kelly

Things that eat dead flesh, we are talking about them. Part 1, ghouls.