306: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men


We will be talking about Yig, his children, his curse and a ruthless terrorist based off of William F. Buckley. Check out audibletrial.com/pgttcm and support the show.

Music by Kevin McCloud and DB Spitzer
Written/Produced/Hosted by DB Spitzer

Prepare for Trouble, and make it Double…

Next episode we talk about my favorite space monster/god, and some video game Yokai.

This may get out of control. This may be a multi-parter, but it may not happen at all considering the weather right now. Loud stormy weather.

Also, FalloutNV is still tons of fun.

People's Guide to the Cthulhu Myhtos

And if our podcast was a country our flag would look like this.


Episode 10 1: An intro to Clark Ashton Smith(part 1)

First episode is up, welcome to the first episode.
It’s all about Clark Ashton Smith Monster/Gods.

You can check us out on Twitter, Tumblr, or contact me @DrunkSatanRobot.

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