Audient Void & Repo Man

Episode 51 is about a small press horror journal, a punk film from the 1980s and the second half of the Tale of Rhan-Tegoth


Episode 50:

Rhan-Tegoth This is our 50th episode. The Cry of Cthulhu, Lurker at the Threshold, The Horror at the Museum and RHAN-TEGOTH. Check out Byron Craft's scary book 'The Cry of Cthulhu' at Thank you all for listening for many of the last 50 episodes.   Also why do many lovecraftian Great Old Ones sound like [...]

Episode 300r: Out of the Aeons

Episode 300r: Out of the Aeons This week we read the first half of Out of the Aeons by HPL & Hazel Heald. Many names we've covered before will get mentioned in this story. We'll be back next week with a regular episode. Music by Charlie Salas-Humara (The Pink’s Quieter) and Kevin MacLeod (The Chamber)