301: Ubbo-Sathla

301: Ubbo-Sathla Series 3 Episode 01 We are back with more Clark Ashton Smith deities, and we talk about the new Fallout 4 DLC. We also talk about 'Cassilda's Song', a collection of stories inspired by Robert W. Chambers' 'King in Yellow' and Yellow Sign. We are sponsored by Audible. FREE audiobook and a 30 day trial at audibletrial.com/pgttcm … Continue reading 301: Ubbo-Sathla

Episode 212: Hills

Episode 212: Hills February 24, 2016 We talk about Chaugnar Faughn, and his friends, then we talk about a video game that came out in1999. This episode is brought to you by www.audibletrial.com/PGttCM , check it out and get 30 day free trial for free.

Next Episode, Last Episode

Last Episode of Series 2, and what a series it's been so far. Thanks for listening. And make sure you listen to next episode when we cover FBL's GOO from Horror from the Hills, then we'll talk about the 1999 classic video game Silent Hill.