Episode 58: Mordiggian: The God of Ghouls

Episode 58: Mordiggian: The God of Ghouls

58.jpgToday we talk of the Necromantic deity of Clark Ashton Smith and review a book about the making of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. #horror #fantasy #book #bookreviews #podcast


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Experiments in Ghostbusting

2.png30GB84: Experiments in Ghostbusting

DB talks about how to shed new light on a favorite movie of many, about how awful the filmation TV/cartoon show was. If you don’t intend on seeing the new Ghostbusters because it “ruins the old movies”, don’t listen to this episode or podcast.

Still wishing there was a Ghostbusters 3?
DB tells you where to find its bones.

OG Ghostbuster III(AKA Evolution)

Extreme Ghostbusters

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Episode 4: Part 2(Night of the Flesh Eaters)


It is here, episode 4.5. It’s so big, I should just call it episode 5.



Episode 204: Necrophagy Part 1

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You know little green ghouls
-Charlie Kelly

Things that eat dead flesh, we are talking about them. Part 1, ghouls.