#HPLFF 20th ed.

I went to the HP Lovecraft Film Festival like I do every year. Portland, Oregon is my hometown. I currently live across the river in Vancouver, Washington. I was lucky enough to stay with friends who lived nearby the theater. It also happened to be Greek Fest, a celebration of greek culture, but mostly people … Continue reading #HPLFF 20th ed.

Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015

Super busy working on other projects as of now, listen to Ken and Robin from CthulhuPDX2015. Keep an eye out for a mini-episode before my Innsmouth Episode. Listen as you hear me ask stupid questions about Dracula vs Elder Sign, modern cults of Tsathoggua, and my suggestion about Charles Nelson Reilly being reanimated for True … Continue reading Ken and Robin at CthulhuconPDX 2015