Worlds of Cthulhu

I love horror anthologies... I read about 2 a month for the podcast, I also love books edited by Robert M Price. This is a double win for me, this is a collection of some of my favorite mythos authors. Price not only edits the book, provides a wonderful intro, but he also introduces each story, … Continue reading Worlds of Cthulhu

Episode 50:

Rhan-Tegoth This is our 50th episode. The Cry of Cthulhu, Lurker at the Threshold, The Horror at the Museum and RHAN-TEGOTH. Check out Byron Craft's scary book 'The Cry of Cthulhu' at Thank you all for listening for many of the last 50 episodes.   Also why do many lovecraftian Great Old Ones sound like … Continue reading Episode 50:

303s: Weird Tales

We finish up Out of the Aeons, talk about Age of Lovecraft and talk about the basic facts about Weird Tales(who printed 50,000 issues a month at it's height, the popular pulps printed 300,000 issues a month). Sponsored by, sign up for a free trial with Audible and get a free audio book. Music by Charlie Salas-Humara (The … Continue reading 303s: Weird Tales