Currently we seek readers for…

The Three Imposters

  1. Prologue  read by Daniel Spitzer
  2. Adventure of the Gold Tiberius read by Sara Fee
  3. The Encounter of the Pavement read by Sara Fee
  4. Novel of the Dark Valley read by Sara Fee
  5. Adventure of the Missing Brother
  6. Novel of the Black Seal read by Marl Soloff
  7. Incident of the Private Bar
  8. The Decorative Imagination
  9. Novel of the Iron Maid
  10. The Recluse of Bayswater
  11. Novel of the White Powder read by Daniel Spitzer
  12. Strange Occurrence In Clerkenwell
  13. History of the Young Man With Spectacles
  14. Adventure of the Deserted Residence

Any HP Lovecraft, or other weird fiction authors you’d like to read for the podcast. Have a poem or short story that you think will work? why not contact PGttCM and submit a copy. Public Domain or original stories please.

If you read you get to plug any projects you are working on, or include any poems or short stories you want to add. I’m looking for all sorts of voices. Just be able to pronounce and announce words.

Read the story once or twice, out loud at least once. Find a quiet room and record; you can use your phone(voice memo works good) or your ipod even, and send those files to PGttCM(msg us on how).