MegaRace OMEGA Series Bible v1.2

Info Dump.

MRO is based off of a book series from 1962-75, and an animated series from 1974-77. The books were written by Blane Dorchrord while he was an adjunct professor in the scenic Miskatonic Valley of Massachusetts. The series revolves around groups of adventurers on a massive cross-lunar race, saving the world, solving problems in every town/factory/city-state they encounters.  

   “Life is short fast and loud, city states are death traps for freedom lovers man! Just look out for the bureaucratic AI, and the mutant horde,Cult of Red Eye, or the fabled Ancient Humans living in the lunar core, etc.” -Mel Moregold, Adventurers’ Guild Master Clerk.
Dorchrord, B. X. (1972). Grey Horde/Red Sun (Vol. 3). Kingsport, MA: Dorchord Press.

The Cartoon was less political, less violent, and more comedic. The show mixed the plots of the first three books, and included episodes where “the team” would help the clone of a celebrity from 1974-77. The show was canceled due to several incidents involving the firing mechanism on the “Horde Lorde” action figures, and the paint on all action figures produced by the toy company/animation studio responsible for the show. Dorchord was in the middle of a movie deal when the show and toy line completely imploded. Dorchord disappeared completely shortly after. The show is mostly regarded as a joke and mocked for developing a show to sell toys, the show was a constant source of parody in the late 1970s, mostly to be forgotten in the 1980s. It became more of an oddity in the internet era when toys, sticker-books, and lunchboxes would appear on auction sites and a generation who grew up on computers would search for the origins of a strange show who’s toys were all banned or destroyed, and a show that was never put into syndication and was cancelled before home TV recording was possible for most.

“Life is crazy, we just want to have fun! Just look out for robots & mutants, and bring me more treasure!” -Mel Moregold, Adventurer.
Syndicated . (1974, January). The Sunken Treasure of the Northern Sea. 
Omega Luna Cartoon. Kingsport, MA.

In the Year 2230 the  Earth sends several exploratory space vessels with vast amounts of data about Humanity and Earth to a previously explored and presumably terra-formed planet lightyears away. The project was funded by several corporations from all over the globe. The governments of Earth chose a single terra-formed planet to invest the future of humanity in. The planet, Omega Prime was presumed to be Terra-formed in 3560 by the artificial moon and generational space vessel Omega Luna, and the data ships with nano builders were set to arrive in late 3570, and two generational ships of top leaders in 3580, the ships were the HMS Ada Lovelace(Ada) & And the USS Margret Hamilton(Ham).

Things did not go as planned. Omega Luna malfunctioned after a war broke out between Omega Luna’s crew, and construction robots. The moon became Terra-formed by accident, things went from horrific to terrifying when the  second generational ship and Data ships crashed into the beacon meant to be on Omega Prime. The malfunctioning Data ships misprinted whole cites, an inoperable planet-wide mass-transit system. Even people and animals were misprinted, huge monsters and things too horrific to mention. The human tribes of the north, and the robot coalition to the south had new competition for resources on a near-dying moon. No known survivors of either generational ship. 

Clones of workers, security, social servants, and more were created from data extracted from Earth volunteers survived to populate the factories and towns. Some factory complexes functioned, while others were deathtraps. 

In 3658 clones slowly learned of life outside of their complexes and conquered the outside worlds and formed City-States built for old Earth corporations that haven’t existed for over a thousand years. Some cities are more or less intact, some are factory shells inhabited by many tribes or cults, or ultra high-tech mega cities ruled by AI. The lands outside of City-States are inhabited by small towns, factory complexes, bandits and monsters. Not to mention robots, humans, misprinted madmen, nano-clouds, and mutant monsters.

In 3600 a team of clones set up the first shop/shrine at the Oasis of Light, and a relay team of messengers from the oasis to 3F, and STM. Thus also began MegaRace Omega I, originally called WaterRaceOmegaLuna in 3600, later renamed MRO in 3662 when adding TradeRaceOmega(outer ring only), and Southern City-States Pro/Am Land and Sea Race Omega. MRO is now a race to get to all the sponsors in the shortest time overall.

3900 is the 300th annual race advertised as MROCCC, church and guild teams from all over the Omega Luna will be competing alongside corporate sponsored teams to travel thousands of mile across treacherous, toxic, hostel lands. To move equipment from place to place. This helps get all of the cities ready for the annual trade festival that all cities show off their best new gear to the other cities, and city-wide multi-day parties.

What isn’t know is that is the planet that Omega Luna orbits is in truth an trapped ancient god. To a few, the god sends dreams and images, some of these individuals have formed a cult. This cult has decided to infiltrate and destroy MRO as a mass sacrifice to Omega Prime. Just as there is a plan to destroy the race, there is also a greater more ambitious plan that involves all of the current city-states and would lead to greater lunar unification. 

You wake one day with a weird passion, you must compete in MROCCC. You no longer have guild sponsorship for what ever reason, but everyone knows the fast path to being in the MRO is to be on a guild team, and the easiest guild to join is the adventurers’ guild. A guild generally thought of by the public as a guild of beggars, mercenaries, and thieves who buy/sell/steal artifacts. Widely considered the least respectable, but most useful guild by other churches/city-states/guilds.

The Inhabitants

You comprise 65% of the population.
You were grown in a clone chamber on Omega Luna. You come into the world as a young adult.  You never get older until your internal organs fail, or you get killed in more common ways. 

All of the adventure classes are open to you without modification. Clones can reproduce like humans, clone children grow like humans until their early 20s, then they stop growing. Like clones and humans, they live to about 65-85 years old. Clones need a specific diet for hyper efficient digestive systems, and only sleep two hours. Special: You are every person, nothing is special about you.
Credit Rating: 1-6
Tech Rating 1-3 

You are a preprogramed clone, your skills are preprogrammed, as are your memories, you know basic data about the planet, and the cities. Not to mention several skills. You come out of the clone chamber in your mid 40s, and are the higher ranking individuals within the cities they inhabit. Their job is to keep things moving. Lifespan of 15 years.The tend to speak with perfect grammar, have no hobbies, and all classes look very similar. Many drones are hand puppets for the corporate AI. Drones consume the same foods as clones. Special: clones in your adventure class or city look at you as a supervisor, +1 to credit rating and occupational abilities in the company, your class, and while in your city of designation(max +3) A security drone in GG would have a +3 in the Mega Complex, but only a +2 in company town, and +1 by wandering staff of GG.
Drones also gain up to +4 with social skills with other Drones, same company affiliation, members of the same class, and people in the same city/or from the same city while abroad.
Adventure Classes: Clergy, Doctor, Engineer, Instructor, Master Clerk, Military, Pilot, or Scientist. 
Credit Rating: 2-7
Tech Rating 3

Your people have lived on and in Omega Luna since it left Earth. You don’t know much about tech, and you don’t have corporate ID.
Mutants find them extra tasty, or so go the rumors. Humans need more then 6 hours of sleep and also to eat a diverse diet. Special: All drone doctors gain a +1 on treating humans, and military and security that them like the visiting children of diplomats, or an endangered animal. All drones treat humans with respect. Lower prices, better service, and humans gain a +2 with drones in social situations, and treated as +3 credit as well.
Adventure Classes: Artist, Clergy, Criminal, Gladiator, Instructor, Pilot, Relic Hunter, Security Specialist, Student.
Credit Rating: 1-3
Tech Rating 1-2

You are a misprinted mutant, you live outside the cities. You have no real chances in life on Omega Luna. Either find a hidden mutant city or become a member of the Horde. That was until the Mutant Act of 3899, now mutants can visit Col, 3F, or ACM without being shot at or arrested. Many join guilds suited to their mutations. Special: Mutants can eat anything to survive. Mutants can just have blue furry skin or extreme mutations where someone looks like a crab monster, or anything you can think of to justify bonuses to attributes. +2 health. +2 in social situations due to intimidation, or persuasion.
Adventure Classes: Artist, Clergy, Criminal, Gladiator, Pilot, or Student.
Credit Rating: 1-3
Tech Rating 1

(this is based off the books, drones/humans/mutants can be what ever they want)


Regions on Omega Luna
eastern regions

The Oasis
The primary source of fresh water on Omega Luna, also the site of the largest city on Omega Luna. Known as CoL, Oasis, City of Light, Oasis City, or City of the Oasis of the Light.

The power center of the planet, the main source of water and food for Omega Luna. 

north toxic zone A product of terraforming. Entering this area without protection is very hazardous. Toxic-acidic clouds, corrosive swamps, massive crystalline structures, bizarre mutants, and more. The NTZ there are many half built resorts and mansions.

Adventurers and bandits fight over factory equipment, spare parts, hidden tech, lost data, and weird stuff in HazMat suits or suffer -4 to health while in the area +3 days hours after, -2 to health in makeshift outfit +12 hours, or until you take a detox shower.

north barrens A great wind swept alkali dessert with winds that blow at a constant high speed. Occasional ruins in habited by small bandit groups, or farms.

The ruins tend to be laboratories that are of no interest to small bandit groups or the local farmers who are too busy protecting crops and livestock. The Labs were for various corporations half buried under malformed biomass from either a bioweapon or a failed agricultural project.

mt omega The tallest mountain range on Omega Luna, home to several small villages and observatories, all of which are protected by the SGS. A long winding road lined with SGS stations secure the way to the largest broadcast station and celestial observatory.  SGS also has their primary propulsion laboratory, launch site and the only satellites in orbit on the moon are launched from here.

mt luna  The second mountain on Omega Luna is riddled with abandoned factories, tunnels, and monsters. It is highly recommended not travel to this region due to the wildlife, senile security AI, and/or unsecured bioweapons.

The area used to be controlled by WSA & ATA until the area became overrun by flora and fauna since 3712. ATA still send folks up the steep dense slopes of Mt. Luna looking for old schematics and data. WSA still has secret labs and factories in Mt. Luna for ultra covert projects in energy weapons, mind control, and some say thaumaturgy.

East Barrens A great wind swept alkali dessert with winds that blow at extreme speeds, or sudden rainstorms that turn the landscape Into a massive mud pit.

There isn’t much in the EB, just a few service stations based communities, and a couple 3F factories. The locals race all sorts of modified vehicles across the flats wet or dry for entertainment. In the dry months they hunt large beetles which they also make jewelry from the beetle parts.

southern toxic zone Not a product of terraforming, but a product of STM. Entering this area without protection is very hazardous.
-2 to health without a Chem suit and respirator or suffer -2 to health while outdoors in area +12 days after, or until you take a chem-shower. Expect flu like symptoms for clones and misprints, and worse for humans who suffer -12 to health due to the environmental hazards. The locals do not live outside of the city-state,factory,laboratory, or station.

This whole area is riddled with labs, factories, service station, and disposal sites, some abandoned, some in full swing. Defense nano devices, automated weapons, and long forgotten traps of all sorts were set up defend the area from other cities, and local wildlife. Due to several hundred years of paranoid leaders the area requires all locals and visitors wear a security badge for safe passage due to the fact that the infrastructure is deadly to anything without a badge, bracelet, or chip with all current security codes.  

western regions

Western Barrens A great wind swept alkali dessert with winds that blow at a constant high speed. Home of the Horde, small packs of bandits and well guarded farms and fortified small towns. The Western Barrens is home to several small rivers of water, and fresh water lakes contains large mammals, and fish. Besides the city-state there isn’t much here except SGS controlled stations.

north archipelago An untamed rocky series of islands in the North Salt Sea. Several goat species, rodents and  various apex predators occupy the lowlands. The upper mountains are occupied by human settlements.

There are rumors there is an entrance to the inner moon in the mountains, and that’s where the humans come from.A vast series of shadowy, grassy islands that separate the Salt Seas. Home to many ranch and farm communities.

north salt sea  A vast body of water that is home to many species of marine life, mostly domestic white fish, mollusks, squid and crustaceans.

south salt sea A vast body of water that is home to many species of marine life much of it large predators mollusks, squid and crustaceans.

great salt sea swamp A vast salt marsh, very hazardous. Teeming with large predators and ancient ruins of the one of the first Data Ship crashes. The swamp is teaming with all kids of life, nearly all of it is either bloodsucking, venomous, or both. Everything is camouflaged, and can also swim and fly. The swamp has a maximum depth of 10 meters, with a consistency ranging from thick soup to damp sand.

Adventurers fight over ruins while running from huge creatures, cultists, and just the environment. -3 to Health while outdoors do to spores and toxic gasses to clones/humans, and have no effect on mutants.

southern barrens A barren area void of life, almost all life. Flat, dry, smog choked and lightless stretch of land stalked by dark quick things of all sizes with sharp teeth. Do not enter unless you have a High Tech Environmental suit, or a High tech sealed vehicle. -9 to health while outside, +4 to stealth and conceal, -4 to all other skills.  Not much is known of the southern areas, and reliable data is worth a fortune.

Images have been recovered that show a large structure poking out of the smog in the south pole, it is theorized the robots who helped repair Omega Luna when it was a generational ship sent to terraform Omega Prime and act as its moon to create a tide. After the crash of the data ships and generational ships, it is said the robots all left the interior of the moon and established a community on the south pole.  

Locations on Omega Prime

Service Stations & Factories

All Across Omega Luna derelict and still functioning towns, service stations and factories for all of the major corporations. 3F sold all of its factories and service stations to SGS in 3,754.

Spread out over small bits of land surrounded by walls and guard towers are towns that choose not to be affiliated with major cities, and only trade with caravans from CoL. Many have churches and guilds, and provide most to all services.

Service Stations

All over the moon you will find places to buy basic goods, and discounts from the station sponsor(GG, SGS, STM, and WSA) and many more without sponsors. They all supply fuel, food, snacks, etc. Also a place to either park overnight(5C), or stay in a room for one(10C). Their is generally a common room for showering and other bathroom needs.

GG has giant versions of their stores at their stations, large cafeterias, showrooms, all built on cyclopian concrete parking structures. 20C rooms decorated with their more popular wares, and snacks. 5% of all stations are GG.

SGS is the largest corporate sponsor of stations. All stations are also small military bases open to the public with an authentic city ID, and have a clean record. Arms, armor, gear, provisions, and more for sale. 15C barracks guarded by SGS. Free use of artillery range. 25% of all service stations are owned by SGS.

STM service stations are SGS guarded Temples of Healing, dedicated to the preservation of life. There tend to also be temples of law, love, luck and travel. Many services available besides food and fuel. 15% of all stations are STM.

WSA is known for being very expensive, but also having a small low cost station to keep the poor out. Watched by WSA elite guards, the staff trains in CoL for at least 4 years before being considered for a position at a WSA service station. Amazing stores, and restaurants at every location. Generally a lot more freedom when not under the watch of the city AI. 3% of all stations are WSA.

Most stations are independently owned, They buy from caravans, and sell to all. Some might have cooked food, all have junk food and bubbly beverages.

Automatics are automated, unguarded, and poorly maintained. Cars that forget to pay overnight camping fees get shot by the automated security. Many feature a mega-screen outdoor movie theater playing the hits all day and night. Over 50% of all stations are Automatics.

GG, SGS, STM, WSA & WT all have factories, they are heavenly armed fortresses that either produce components, or products for a major city. They function as a corporate town and and small forces to deal with threats to corporate interests from local threats.

City-States & collectives

All Across Omega Luna are remnants of old corporate mega cities preprogramed hundreds of years ago for an entirely different planet and environment. Some function as intended, some have been repurposed, and a central city build out of necessity. The City-States all serve a purpose and all of them have a dark secret.

col/central City-State/multi tech/free state The Great City-State ruled by a council of 25. All major religions and forms of currency excepted. The oldest city is known for its massive markets, culture, and many guilds. CoL is the starting point of MROCCXX, and the finish line.

A massive oasis between the major City-State republic. Council of 25, Governor Cyril K. Mellor(AI). 12 districts keep a city running. Each district serves very specific services to the city, with a grand market and oasis in the center, it takes a day to walk from the south gate to the Oasis Market. Unless you are in a guild or church, you need permits to sell goods or services in city limits. Inns all over a city that never stops moving. Each district border has a series of moving nanotech that lead down to the oasis market. The sidewalks are long solid paths of rough black nanotech that acts was a moving street, they will get you to the market in an hour, stops in the 5 sub districts.The sub districts are Housing, Shops, Services, Temples, and Oasis Market. Each sub district is like it’s own city, with its own city structure. Many districts are named and have a distinct personality.

Two wheeled vehicles are permitted in city limits, and Three wheeled for guild and church business on roads only.  Four wheeled vehicles are allowed in the south gate for shipping, and receiving. It takes Three days to walk around the city, there are several camping sites on the western side of the city wall, and a thriving black market.

Tech Level: Mixed
Goods: All goods
Services: All services

Dirty Secret: CoL is secretly ran by an AI connected to Omega Luna and the oasis. Governor Mellor keeps the city in balance, and keeping the major City-States in balance. All guild/church heads are drones following the AI’s command. He can rewrite clones for his needs if they willingly step into one of his many offices on Omega Luna.

Arena: Arena

generally goods/northern factory City-State/med tech/ai run

GenerallyGoods is the last vestiges of an “housewares, electronics, clothing, junk food, candy, office supplies, canned foods, media, and more” multi-national corporation. If you need something that isn’t fresh food, medicine, armor, ammo, guns, or transport… GenerallyGoods is there for you. Factories, schools, shops, playgrounds, churches, visitor centers, and everything you need for polite society(Secret police, underground city for the rich). A great double G that stretches across the land, and up into the sky. The great city is known for its deals, and abundance of mundane items. 

Each floor is its own department, or zoning area, like housing, business, factory, emergency/medical, farm, corporate, or entertainment are examples of floors. GG is a sponsor of the race, and one of the stops. Ran by an AI and 6 random executives.

People worry about the stability of the AI. People go missing all the time in the city structure. Workers think the security is corrupt and that the computer engineers and maintenance crew are the true peace keepers and heroes.

Workers, security, engineers of all sorts live in this shopping center and marvel of nano tech. A massive cubic crystal structure protects the massive city structure from the environment. The massive structure is shopping center, apartment, civic center, and municipal works building wrapped up in a brutalist concrete bow. 

Workers live and die in this city, it’s good credits, great medical, vacation to other cites a few times a year, retire in CoL in your 60’s. Great food, great pay, great shops, and nice apartments. You just have to be willing to work for an AI that may work you for days, or suspect you of treason due to a pattern in your behavior.
If you don’t walk fast enough the police will beat you on the street, or if you spit, or if you jaywalk. Major crimes are dealt with by the AI and the secret police, the security force is there to make sure the city runs smoothly through the use of fear and force.

The security wears an armor that looks like the workers outfit, but has a riot helmet, armor, club  and a shield. Not to mention large genetically engineered attack dogs. The engineers wear an armored jump suit, and any any guild service, or temple wears their own uniform.

Tech Level: 2
Goods: basic goods of all tech levels

Services: repair services, cafeteria, shopping center, small hotel rentals and small vehicle sales

Dirty Secret: GG keeps breaking down, the building and AI has gone mad and is killing random people, or equipment is failing. The AI now uses the secret police to hide the fact it is failing to maintain the GG Mega Structure. During the race the AI will begin using a gas that pacifies people inside GG.

Arena: Penthouse Prize Fights

family farm food co-op/ne farmlands, former vat food factory/low tech/free-state A failed food factory was taken over by the workers and turned into a farm complex. Well known for its fresh food restaurants, handmade items, and electronics free city. Mud or concrete houses, shops, barns, schools, etc. Each major farm elects a spokesperson, 22 farms produce everything from corn to hemp, chicken to wheat, and anything else that you can’t get printed. Technology isn’t outlawed, just not used for food production. Some farms use computers for inventory, and media-systems for entertainment. Ran by a conciliatory of 22. 

In the center of 3F is the old ruins of the original vat foods factory, inside are all sorts of  weird misprints of protein sources for the original 3G, and strange tech. This is where 3F found its first plants to harvest in a semi-working hydroponics lab for making the contents of “Mama’s Veggie Soup Loaf w/ Chicken Flavors’. This is where one might also find a gravity gun, or a plasma sword prototype.

If the computers in the ruins are searched you’ll find files on repairing Major Nano-roads and linking cities.

Tech Level: 1
Goods: Food of many levels of processing.

Largest provider of meats, dairy and produce.
Services: Hotels/campgrounds, shops, restaurants, repair, basic supplies, low/med tech weapons and large/commercial vehicle sales.

Dirty Secrets: Several families are cannibals and worship Omega Prime as a god.
Arena: Brawls at dirt track race events.

western small arms/elevated eastern City-State/high tech/corporate City-State. WSA is a functioning corporate City-State, due to it’s AI, and on site clone farms that are still in functioning. Once tried to conquer the other City-States but was thwarted by  other companies in MegaStructureComplex1. Western Small arms is a large mega-hotel structure perched on a titanic artificial armored tower.

The factories are off site, but nearby. Workers ship in and out daily with help of a security force. Shops full of high-tech luxury items, goods and services.
All members of society are trained in small arms and hand to hand combat, as well as civics that are followed out of loyalty to the CEO and the City for keeping them safe from the wastes.

Service is better then most cities, people are polite, and if you break a city rule, you will be warned the first time(this doesn’t include violence, theft, or vandalism), after that you will be heavily fines, or asked to leave the city. More serious crimes will have you thrown off the city without trial by security with the help of citizens.

Tech Level: 3
Goods: Luxury stores, weapons
Services: All services

Dirty Secret: WSA is genetically engineering  clones to survive longer on Omega Luna and bio-weapons. 

Arena: The AI picks fighters to compete in a large maze full of traps.

armor tech alliance
/Eastern Cliff City/high tech/eastern free-state ATA was a subsidiary of WSA that formed its own society in the architecture of WSA due to philosophical differences. After a 250 year war the two cities have had a truce. ATA is ran by a handful of union organizers and medical staff who refused and sabotaged a war for resources agains the other cites. The war was suppressed until 60 years ago, and didn’t end until the other City-States refused to trade with WSA.

Second largest medical center outside of STM.

ATA also is a city without light, built into the infrastructure of the cyclopian armored perch of WSA is a city without a secret police, streets spanning miles in all directions. The city trades armor only with CoL for people, animals, and vehicles.
ATA openly wants to see the destruction of all AI or CEO run Mega Cities.

Each cubic city block is governed by a basic set of laws, and patrolled by local militia connected by social networks. Some blocks are just residential, some are schools, inns, factories, markets, etc.

Most folk get around on 2 wheeled vehicles, major freight is moved by elevators.

Tech Level: 2
Goods: Armor, clothing, footwear
Services: Hotels, restaurants, medical 

Dirty Secret: ATA is responsible for the dismantling of GG’s failsafes, and is slowly trying to dismantle other high tech City-States, and also gives weapons to bandits to sell more armor.
Arena: No fights, dance competition.

space grade naval armament, munitions, heavy ordnance & supply
/eastern ring shaped city/high tech/military City-State 

A series of armored transport containers turned into a mega city, below two mega cities, SGS pays large sums for salvage from ruined cities, labs and factories. Not a sponsor. SGS is a subsidiary of WSA that formed its own city when it found it was no longer in charge of major holdings of WSA due to the destruction fo Earth. SGS funded the ATA against the WSA. Controlled by SGS factory workers and former security force that once controlled WSA. Largest medical training center and laboratory outside of STM.

SGS factories are held to strict safety standards, workers are fed and rested on a regular basis, and only worked 5 days a week.

A massive city of mercenaries and merchants following the ranks and regulations of Earth’s Space Navy.

Every member of this city is also a member of the Omega Luna Space Navy, works for the city and the navy at the same time. City security are retired highly trained military specialists, the city also has an internal security force that gathers intelligence on the city and other cities.
Tech Level: 2
Goods: Med/High Tech Military surplus reproductions.
Services: All services,

Dirty Secrets: SGS is the only city capable of orbital and space travel, but hides the info due to the fact that it is still too expensive for them to produce, but far too valuable too sell. The test in the North Toxic Zone and have even launched several satellites for spying, and broadcasting across the moon.
Arena: bar circuit 

st. medical/ se toxic zone/stepped society/low to high tech/corporate theocracy

A massive building complex dedicated to medicine, and science. Everyone in the mega city goes to school for 10-20 years based on placement tests. STM sponsors part of the race and is a stop. The board of directors that runs STM is a group of clones that stays alive due to mind swapping with younger clones.

STM is a bizarre maze. Sometimes its a maze of horrors, other times its a quick friendly visit. A religious order that has ruled the city for 350 years has constant upsets and coups. The service section and school are a separate entity then the city, which is inside the former medical company HQ. 

The City generally is ruled by a group of ultra powerful ancient clones who formed a religious order based on medical science and scientific discovery. The poorest live in the lowest parts of the city, while the richest live in the top levels of the city.

CoL provides security, staff and facilities for the main hospital complex, and the medical school. CoL also provides and runs the shops and inns inside the hospital/school complex.

Tech Level: 1-3
Goods: Medical, religious, scientific equipment
Services: hotel, medical, religious, shopping, and med vehicles.

Dirty Secrets: STM is open with all of its horrid experiments, and makes no excuses for polluting the landscape with medical waste and failed bio-experiments. STM also is very open with the fact that its board is ran by 350+ y/o clones who harvest younger bodies and also lead a church dedicated to medical science.
Arena: Fight medical experiments for money.

atlantica communications & media Ruins/southern City-State ruins 

The ruins of a malformed megacity. The Seven Tribes have no issue with outsiders, but they hate each other, and are constantly at war. Several stories underground is a Tribe that maintains all the media known to exist, and are responsible for the TV/radio signals. The half-built megacity was going to be  a tribute to the Roman Empire and Atlanta, GA. Many tribes use the wreckage of the city to build housing, or live within fully formed structures. The Gladiator King Blo-Gargh has sponsored part of the race to get more people to come to his great arena, watch fights, buy goods, and change the image of his tribe. The Arena is a stop for the race.

The various tribes live a civil life in private neighborhoods deep inside the Atlantica ruins, here they live without having to dress like warriors, use high-tech gear, and have time away from the tourists.
The Electric Overlords:
A tribe that fights with electrical weapons and black rubber armor. They occupy the upper ruins, and have a spider/BDSM theme to their Tribe.

The Aye-Vee Gang: A tribe that fights with sonic weapons(fake) and wears overalls and light armor. They occupy deep under the arena and have a “electrician-nerd vibe” about them. 

Children of Pompeii: A tribe that fights with roman prop armor and weapons. They maintain the Arena.

Tuff Skull Dudes: A tribe that fights with weapons and armor made of junk.
They live outside the arena and drive around in bizarre junk vehicles.

The Blood Fiends: A tribe that fights with large unpractical swords, and spiked armor. Their schtick is that they worship the demons of Earth, and wear the face paint of their demon lords.

The Super Cools: A tribe that fights with switch blades, leather jackets and pants while on repurposed personal vehicles. They live in the ruins and ride around fighting with TSDs. 

Tech Level: 1(3)
Goods: replica low tech basic goods
Services: Entertainment, hotel, restaurants, shops, and livestock.
Dirty Secrets: The tribes just pretend to be savage, and at war to scare the other cities into not taking what resources they have. They fake brutal arena battles, executions and use high-tech machines to create low tech weapons and equipment to sell to outsiders.
No Arena unless you are credit level 3 or higher and know the secret.

atlantica communications & media Sub-Structure/southern City-State is ran by an AI originally set up to run a soda company in case of death of Family on generational ship. The underground is a functioning city of clones who work at movie theaters, soda factories, fast food stands, apartments and more. 

Laws and ethics are based on those of working for a theme park or cruise ship in the 1990’s, The workers have little rights, and any benefits are meager. The workers get food and housing based on facial recognition. Workers are trained for specific jobs at an early age. Most workers are custodians, repair staff, sales staff, and everything else is covered by the AI(including security and management).

Guests are identified by the AI, all staff who pamper guests are rewarded with useless luxury items. Workers who fail are rejected to the surface.  

ACM has vast archives of media, and also of the original project omega specs, plans/layouts for the various City-States and trans-planet nano-hi way(here is where the software is found too).

Tech Level: 2
Goods: high tech basic goods
Services: Entertainment, hotel, restaurants, shops, and tiny vehicles.
Dirty Secrets: The city is on the level, but they hoard an insane amount of media and data guarded by the AI. Only known copy of Necronomicon to exist in Latin was believed to have been brought by the generational ship and somehow survived the ship crash.
Arena: Break Room Fight Club

western transport/ hovering city in western archipelago/high tech/corporate City-State

The only hovering city, high tech life in the lap of luxury. Hover carts, construction transport equipment, factory transport equipment, image/data reproduction, shipping and more are the main exports of the most successful megacity. The most luxurious of  all the cities, the nicest hotels, restaurants, and greatest live shows known. A major sponsor of the race and one of the stops. 

Owned and ran by cloned versions of the CEOs(who is then recloned when it’s former clone is killed). The CEOs runs WT like a well oiled high-tech machine. Zero crime, and no unemployment due to hyper effective secret police. Trades with SVF for food in exchange for high tech equipment discounts. WT also trades with all major cities for vehicle discounts.

Recently a super villain has been raising a panic by threatening to crash the city.
The city keeps killing the guy but the body keeps disappearing.

Tech Level: 3
Goods: All goods, primarily vehicles
Services: All services

Dirty Secrets: A CEO has an arena for prisoners of all degrees deep under the streets. Schematics for NanoRoad can be found in ancient files here. Another is a vigilante.
Arena: Slave Pits of West Tech

shadow valley farms
/ranch collective/med tech/free-state 

Shadow Valley Farms raises livestock in the only grassy plain that exists, strangely its also beneath the only hovering city. Always dark, except on the edges. Over 10 ranches make up SVF, whole communities live in electric light. SVF trades with WT, meat in exchange for modified construction equipment used for farming and ranching. Not a stop in the race, but a recommended rest area. SVF is maintained by a group of elected public workers and a representative from each farm.

People vote for their law enforcement, and their officials. Each small community has its own specific laws(no guns, or no alcohol, or no tech, etc). All size vehicles are used and sold.

Tech Level: 2
Goods: All goods, primarily livestock
Services: All services

Dirty Secrets: Once a year they hunt outsiders for sport.
Arena: MMA at the Grange.

the great hoard  

A massive hoard of madmen, mutants and misprints that occupies the West Barrens. The Hoard takes everything it comes in contact with and either eat or build with what they find. They create massive shrines to their dark god Omega Prime with what they take. 

The dream of Omega Prime is to build a tunnel from Luna to Prime with all objects on Luna. Omega Prime will teach them new ways  to kill and love. They must also convert or consume all they met.

They make weapons with anything they find, but cannot use weapons higher than tech level 1, or use vehicles. They travel as a hoard, but occasionally send out a smaller hoard to strip trade caravans, factories and towns.

Tech Level: 1
Goods: None, they only take.
Services: Death & Mayhem

Dirty Secrets: The Horde is mostly the result of WSA & STM joint experiments 300+ years ago for creating clones that adapt to Omega Luna.
Arena: Horde Arena

Supplies  & Services
CreditsCredits are how mostly everyone pays for goods and services on Omega Luna. Earned credits are stored on your city issued ID, or on a credit band if you want your transactions separate from personal transactions, or are from outside the cities.


All across Omega Luna are a collection of guild and churches that keep the moon alive and thriving. Working hand and hand, knowing that they are all as important.

1. Arts/Arts & Theaters
The Church is responsible for training artists, and actors. Very few continue with the church, but all must spend 4 years in the church to be considered for a guild position.
The guild is responsible for Performance Arts & Entertainment throughout Omega Luna, from a single juggler at a market, an improv group that shows up at a corporate event, or a major production of a theatrical show.
The church’s main priority involve Fine Arts & Crafts of all skill levels, tech levels, and disciplines. The specialize in “non-programed” art. Art that comes from within and not from corporate design.

2. Death/Funerary services & pest control
The City furnace is housed in the guild hall, it is used by the church as well. The guild and church agree that death should be a clean ordeal, and pestilence spreads unneeded death. The church and guild who worship an uncaring concept of death clean, then burn the dead. They also find and burn pests of all sorts(ants, mice, beetles, snakes, large rodents, and sometimes large beasts) in the furnace to clean the city. 1 year of low-level church/guild work to join.
The church handles people, the guild handles non-people.

3. Light & Law/Civic Government & PUD
The Justice Guild and Church of Light are the same entity, with just a simple 8 year commitment to the church doing either clerical work, or maintaining city utilities. After that time the clerk is assigned a station to either maintain the flow of data regarding city laws, or maintain a city’s utilities(electricity, gas, and water).

4. Knowledge/Schools & Libraries
The guild and church act in unison, the guild is where the members go for 6 years to learn how to either teach in the guild or teach elsewhere. After that you can join the church for 10 years and teach at the church, or teach at any other church, and non-corporate cities.
The church stores the knowledge and the guild dispenses it.

5. Engineering/Crafting, Machine work, & High Tech repair
The guild teaches low-med repair, smithing, crafting and machining for 4 years. The church teaches high tech repair,  electronics, computer programing, and other high tech skills. Temples/guildhalls tend to be nondescript locations full of folks working on projects, or repairing things. All sites run by a site manager and several shop stewards.

6. Luck/Adventurers, Banks & Casinos
The guild and the church are completely separate. The guild is an adventurers guild, while the other is a temple to credit and fate.
The two work closely together as the church can hire the guild for its needs, and the guild can finance projects through the church.
Two years service in either grants you membership.
The B&C offers all sorts of training in accounting, office management, security, and many more. While the adventurers guild is more about practical application of mastered skills, and is broken up into individual cells who all report to a central cell. All cell report to central cells, but some individual cells are considered “specialty cells”, focusing on a specific skill set, or even for extreme situations such as extractions and “clean-ups”.

7. Hearth/Housewares & building supply
This guild has GG as its corporate sponsor, to join you just have to fill out some forms, work at a GG for 2,000 billable hours, either as a clerk or as a factory worker. The church is a lot more about learning and knowing how to build/renovate buildings, knowing how decorate, and provide for your home.
The main temples serve as “Flagship Locations”, it is many replica homes filled with objects made by the guild, and several mock-homes in disrepair, and church members instructing onlookers about repair.

8. Agriculture/Farmers & Ranchers
 A church that teaches the basics of farming and ranching for 6 years, then more advanced practices once you join the church. Stay with the church for more then 10 years and you can be come a cleric or a teacher.
The Church specializes in agriculture, Its primary grounds are a massive edible garden and public market. A subterranean structure with a seed vault, and massive root cellar is used to teach folks about agriculture, and train clerics. The Ranch Guild is a collective of ranchers that train folks in working ranches, raising animals, and all the work found on ranches. The Stockyard is located on the edge of South-CoL, they have a main office in the subterranean agriculture temple.

9. Travel/Shipping & Labor pool
This church/guild is the labor pool and teamsters, stevedores, and messengers. Work for the guild for 12 years to join the ranks of the church. The church tracks the passage of packages using couriers and drivers. The church also delivers packages, and designates labor pool assignments. They are everywhere.

10. Might/Arena & Prison
The Arena is the church, and the city watch and prison are the guild. The arena is based on how long you live and how many people like you. The city watch can be joined by training for 2 years, then either working for the city-watch or as a clerk. The guild isn’t just in CoL, but is used as an independent contractor all over Omega Luna. They catalogue, feed, house, and transport criminals  between trial for major city states and work alongside city security, and the guild of law.

11. Healing/Hospital & healers
The healers are a guild that it takes 2 years to join, they relive aches and pains. Some are there to help you feel better mentally.
The church takes 12 years of training, highly trained professionals who can heal the body and the mind. After training is complete the church member chooses a specialty. During training Healers can find themselves assigned anywhere on Omega Luna by their temple.

12. Love/Sex workers & match makers
The guild is of match makers, while the church are of sex workers. Both take an 18 month class, with monthly classes for the rest of membership. The church is focused on the act of love and beauty. Less than 20% in the church performs sexual acts, the majority of the church is focused on beauty, physical performance, sexuality and simply making people feel attractive and the love around them.
The guild is a collection of people who help others find love, or lust if needed, 85% of the guild is to help people find sexual partners, and less focused on marriage. The cities are huge, full of people and lonely at the same time. The guild gather information about people who hire them, and find someone in the data pool, or pay extra to find some outside of their network.

Guilds are the heads of specific labor groups, and the churches are heads of specific ideologies. People generally use guilds and churches to guide their faith, philosophy, and social life. In CoL most folks live in one district, work in another district, and pray in another district.
Churches are centers of faith, community, and training centers. Guilds are like churches except they are centers of philosophy, community, and training centers. CoL has the largest collection of churches and guilds, all cities have a few churches, and only in non-corporate City-States have guilds.

Tech LevelsAll of the cites and factories exist at different technology levels, and not everyone has the same understanding of technology.
Low Tech- Non-Functioning Med or High Tech objects(aka junk), Technology and technique from prior to the Late Modern period(1850s).
(cannons to flintlocks, bows, iron weapons, pull carts, iron armor, etc.)
Med Tech-
Technology and technique from the Late Modern period(1850s-1990s CE). (Breach-loaders to Assault Rifles, compound bows, Steel weapons, Cars, Ballistic Armor, etc.)
High Tech-
Technology and technique from The Pre-Galactic Era(2000s-2200s).
Sub-Cellular coms/tablets, Laser, Gauss and Plasma weapons, Nano-Carbon Alloy, Hover Platforms, etc.)

Vehicles & TransportationFolks get around Omega Luna in a variety of ways. Some ride giant animals, some drive wheeled vehicles, some use things that hover, and some fly in low orbit aircraft.

WT Tachi300C
502 person, two wheels
STM MedMover350
152 person, three wheels Indoors Only
STM MedMover+500
256 person, three wheels Indoors Only
GG Freight Lifter/Mover1KC
5One Person, four wheels Indoors Only
WT Kodachi1,200C
1802 person, two wheels
Off Road
WT Ken1,300C
202 person, three wheels Indoors Only
WT Odachi1,400C
252 person, three wheels Off Road
SGS MS-11,500C
1202 person, two wheels
+2 against bullets,
Off Road
WT Yari17kC
606 person, four wheels
WT Nagamaki 19kC
2102 person, three wheels Off Road
SGS MS-220kC
2103 person, three wheels
+2 against bullets,
Off Road
GG Freight shipper22kC
1606 person, six wheels Provides automatic +1 to roll in all road Driving Transport
WT Naginata22kC
1204 person, hover  Provides automatic +1 to roll in all road Driving
1602 person, hoverTransport, +6 against bullets, +2 against lasers.
WT Type 9540kC
1202 person, hover Provides automatic +1 to roll in all road Driving Transport, +2 against bullets
SGS Low Orbit
50kC1,9501906 crew + 40 passengers
SGS Airship2.5M C10,0006030 crew + 30 passengers

Weapons & ArmorWeapons and Armor are built from a variety of materials commonly used are junk, iron, steel, natural objects, or nano-carbon alloy.


Shops & Supplies
All shops and services in cites, factories, towns, or service stops, and they all take credits. Shops sell all sorts of machine printed or handmade items from all over Omega Luna due to its many trade routes.


Just as there are shops everywhere, so are services. These places don’t sell objects as much as they sell their labor or skill set.


Beasts of Burden
Many different types of animals have been engineered to help with the daily lives on Omega Luna.
Some are for food, some are for transport, and some are for protection. There are a few creatures that have been engineered for their beauty and/or utility.