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PGTTCM is part of the Dark Myths Collective
Hosted by Sara Fee & Daniel Spitzer
Produced and Edited by Daniel Spitzer

101: Clark Ashton Smith v. Cthulhu Mythos
20Ha: Halloween 2015
20Hc: 2015 Holiday Special
210: Tsathoggua & Pokemon
210s: What is Lovecraftian?
211: Yekubians & Sandworms
211s: Frank Belknap Long
212: Hills(horror from the silent)
300: Series 2 Recap
301: Ubbo-Sathla
301s: Clark Ashton Smith
302s: H.P. Lovecraft on Ice(Cream and other things)
302: Yithians, Shadows and Whispers
303: Cthulhu Vs Walter Benjamin(Art, Drugs and Socialism)
Reading: Out of the Aeons Part 1
303s: Weird Tales 101 & Out of the Aeons part 2
304: The Shoggoths are Revolting!
304s: Lovecraftian ProTips
305: Spiders
30GB: Experiments in Ghostbusting
305s: a Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls
306: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men
307: The Voormis & Stranger Things
307s: Lin Carter
50/401: Rhan-Tegoth
402: The Audient Void & Repo Man
403: Ithaqua & Algernon Blackwood
404: Hastur & Ambrose Bierce
405: Nodens & Lovecraft Country
406: Panorama of the Hyperborean
407: Sarkomand, Moon-Beasts & Strange Aeons
408: Caligari & German Expressionism
500: Live(ish) HPLFF PDX 2016
501:  Mordiggian, The Charnel God, and Chain Saw Confidential
502: Mother Hydra & Strange Shadows over Innsmouth
503: The Xothic Legend Cycle & Byron Craft’s Shoggoth
504: 2016 PGttCM Gift Guide
505: Winter Weird 2016
506: Timeline of the Earth in Regards to the Cthulhu Myth Cycle
507: Henry Kuttner
508: Panorama of the Thurian
600: What is Weird Fiction?
601: Randolph Carter, 7 Books??? and Feverish Chixxx
602: Nyarlathotep’s Ancient Egypt & Patience
75/603: Portland Horror Film Festeval & Weirdbook #35
604:  Robert E Howard & Bran Mak Morn, Kyla Ross
605: The Shan & Ramsey Campbell, & Neon Golgotha
606: Alhazred, the Necronomicon, & a Cookbook
607: De Vermis Mysteriis, The Shambler from the Stars, Robert Bloch
608: Black Stones, Black Books, and Eat Your Keyboard
609: HPLFF, Glakki, ID_CANCER, & Weirdbook36
610: Witches & The Crimson Tome
611: Sarkomand, Zak AF, & Weirdbook annual #1
612: Kingsport, Terrible Old Man & Yog-Radio RPGs
613: Innsmouth & the Innsmouth Look(by Byron Craft)
614: Arkham(HPL), Arkham(DCU), and Devil Came to Arkham (by Byron Craft)
615:Dunwich, The Shuttered Room, The Ancient Track and The Dunwich Dungeon
(by Byron Craft)
700 What is Lovecraftian Horror?
701 Randolph Carter
703 Richard Upton Pickman(apr)
704 The Gardner Family(apr)
705 Joseph Curwen(may)
706 Wilbur Whateley (may)
707 Albert Wilmarth(jun)
708 Kamog(jun)
709 Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee(july)
710 Robert Harrison Blake(july)
711 Harry Houdini(aug)


Arthur Machen

Ambrose Bierce 

HP Lovecraft

Clark Ashton Smith

George Allen England

Henry Kuttner

Walter Benjamin

Damon Boucher—Lithium
Kevin MacLeod—The Chamber, End of the Era, Giant Wyrm, Who Likes to Party
Charlie Salas-Humara—The Pink’s Quieter, Maniac Cop

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