Seasons 1 2015

101: Clark Ashton Smith v Cthulhu Mythos

102: Wrath of Cthulhucon

Season 2015-2016

20HA: Halloween 2015

20HB: The Thanksgiving Episode

20HC: PGttCM 2015 Holiday Special: Lovecraft

200: How the sausage gets made

203: Elder Things and Video Games

204: Necrophagy(Ghouls)

205: Necrophagy(Night of the Living Dead)

206:The Picture in the House of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre(Cannibalistic Rural Folk)

209: Cults, Yidhra & RIP David Bowie(1947-2016)

210: Tsathoggua! I choose you!(The real Mr. Saturn & Pokemon)

210S: What is Lovecraftian?

211: Worms(Yekubians, Graboids & Sandworms)

211S: Frank Belknap Long

212: Hills(Horror from the Hills & Silent Hill)

Season 3 2016

300: Series 2 Recap

301: Ubbo-Sathla

301s: Clark Ashton Smith

302s: H.P. Lovecraft on Ice(Cream and other things)

302:Yithians, Shadows and Whispers

303: Cthulhu Vs Walter Benjamin(Art, Drugs and Socialism)

303s: Weird Tales 101

304: The Shoggoths are Revolting!

304s: Lovecraftian ProTips

305: Atlach-Nacha & the Spiders

30GB84: Experiments in Ghostbusting

305s: A Weirdbook full of spiders & skulls

306: Yig, Snakes & Serpent Men

307: The Voormis & Stranger Things

307s: Lin Carter

Season 4 2016-2017

Episode 50/401: Rhan-Tegoth

Episode 51/402: The Audient Void & Repo Man

Episode 52/403: Ithaqua & Algernon Blackwood

Episode 53/404: Ambrose Bierce

Episode 54/405: Nodens & Lovecraft Country

Episode 55/406: Panorama of the Hyperborean

Season 5 2017

Episode 56/501: Sarkomand & Strange Aeons

Episode 57/502: Caligari & German Expressionism

Micro Episode 1: HPLFF_PDX

Episode 58/503: Mordiggian: The God of Ghouls

Episode 59/504: Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Episode 60/505: The Xothic & SHOGGOTH

2016 Weird Fiction Gift Guide

Episode 61/506: Timeline of the Earth in Regards to the Cthulhu Myth Cycle

Episode 62/507: Henry Kuttner

Episode 63/508: Panorama of the Thurian Age

Season 6 2017-2018

Episode 64/600: What is Weird Fiction

Episode 65/601: Randoph Carter v. Feverish Chixxx

Episode 66/602: Nyarlathotep, Ancient Egypt, & Patience by DGC

Episode 67/603: PHFF #2 & Weirdbook #35

Episode 68/604: Robert E Howard & Bran Mak Morn, & a Trinity of Wicked Tales

Tribute to George A Romero

Episode 69/605: R Campbell, The Shan, and a book by M. Faun

Episode 70/606: The Necronomicon

Episode 71/607: Robert Bloch

Episode 72/608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard

Episode 73/609: HPLFF, Glakki, ID_Cancer, Weirdbook36

Episode 74/610: Witches

Episode 666: Series 6 CoHost Intro(Sara Fee)

Episode 75/611: Sarkomand, Weirdbook annual #1, & Zak AF

Episode 76/612: Kingsport

Episode 77/613: Innsmouth

Episode 78/614: Arkham

Episode 79/615: Dunwich

Season 7 2018


Episode 81/701: Randolph Carter 

Episode 82/702: Herbert West

Episode 83/703: RU Pickmen

Episode 84/704: The Gardners & the BLASTED HEATH

Episode 85/705: Joseph Curwen

Episode 86/706: Yog Sothoth & Family

Episode 87/707: Albert Wilmarth

Episode 88/708: Marsh & Waite, NITW

Episode 89/709: Robert Blake & The Weird

Episode 90/710: Lake & Dyers/Tim E. Less

Episode 91/711: Houdini & Weirdbook #39

Episode 92/712: Francis Wayland Thurston/Cultist Simulator

Episode 93/713: Robert H Blake & PHFF

Season 8 2018-2019

Episode 94/801 Azathoth

Episode 95/802 Fire God Cthugha

Episode 96/803 Tsathoggua

Episode 97/804 Yakkubian Empire

Episode 98/805 Shaugnar Faugn arrives

Episode 99/806 Welcome Elder Things

Episode 100/807: Yithians,  & the Pnakotic Manuscripts

Episode 101/808: Cthulhu, & Cosmicism

Episode 102/809: K’n-yan, Yoth,  & N’kai

Episode 103/810: The Great Old Ones, Weird Book Annual #2,& Dave’s Corner of the Universe

Seasons 9 2019

Episode 104/901: Serpent People, Yig, and Orrin Grey

Episode 105/902: Shoggoths & Flying Polyps, Deep Ones, & Cody Goodfellow

Episode 106/903: MIGO & More(Zac Ferguson, David Heath, Rodney Linderman, & Adam Scott Glancy)

People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos 107/904: The Hyperborean Cycle

Dave’s Corner of the Unibierce

Seasons 10 2019-2020

Delta Green Eyes Only
Andrew Migliore & Clark Ashton Smith’s ‘The Last Incantation’
Dave’s Corner of the Universe(Derleth & Lovecraft in France)
People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos 905/108: Rhan-Tegoth
PGttCM Special 16: Andrew Migliore talks about RPGs
PGttCM/BCAT Series 10 Special 3: Oliver Larch
People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos 1002/110: Kull & The Thurian Age
Halloween Bigfoot Crossover Spectacular MMXIX
PGTTCM 1003/111: The Hyborian age w/ Ken Hite
Thanksgiving Leftovers: Dave talks Hyborian & DUGS 0
PGttCM Yuletide Special: The Festival by HP Lovecraft
PGTTCM 1004/112: Lloigor, Lloigor, Zhar, and the Tcho-Tcho
(w/ guests A Scott Glancy, David Heath, & Ken Hite)

Season 11 2020

PGttCM 1101/113: Nephrem-Ka/Egypt and the Mythos/Egyptology
PGttCM 1102/114: Shaggai/The Insects from Shaggai
PGttCM 1103: Averoigne/CAS
PGttCM 1104: Ghouls/Ghouls in literature
PGttCM 1105: Glaaki/Ramsey Campbell’s Mythos
PGttCM 1106: Toad Gods/Stregoicavar

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Series 6-9 audio by Sara Fee and DB Spitzer

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