People’s Guide to the Cthulhu Mythos

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Season 6

Episode 64/600: What is Weird Fiction

Episode 65/601: Randoph Carter v. Feverish Chixxx

Episode 66/602: Nyarlathotep, Ancient Egypt, & Patience by DGC

Episode 67/603: PHFF #2 & Weirdbook #35

Episode 68/604: Robert E Howard & Bran Mak Morn, & a Trinity of Wicked Tales

Tribute to George A Romero

Episode 69/605: R Campbell, The Shan, and a book by M. Faun

Episode 70/606: The Necronomicon

Episode 71/607: Robert Bloch

Episode 72/608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard

Episode 73/609: HPLFF, Glakki, ID_Cancer, Weirdbook36

Episode 74/610: Witches

Episode 666: Series 6 CoHost Intro(Sara Fee)

Episode 75/611: Sarkomand, Weirdbook annual #1, & Zak AF

Episode 76/612: Kingsport

Episode 77/613: Innsmouth

Episode 78/614: Arkham

Episode 79/615: Dunwich

Season 7


Episode 81/701: Randolph Carter 

Episode 82/702: Herbert West

Episode 83/703: RU Pickmen

Episode 84/704: The Gardners & the BLASTED HEATH

Episode 85/705: Joseph Curwen

Episode 86/706: Yog Sothoth & Family

Episode 87/707: Albert Wilmarth

Episode 88/708: Marsh & Waite, NITW

Episode 89/709: Robert Blake & The Weird

Episode 90/710: Lake & Dyers/Tim E. Less

Episode 91/711: Houdini & Weirdbook #39

Episode 92/712: Francis Wayland Thurston/Cultist Simulator

Episode 93/713: Robert H Blake & PHFF

Season 8

Episode 94/801 Azathoth

Episode 95/802 Fire God Cthugha

Episode 96/803 Tsathoggua

Episode 97/804 Yakkubian Empire

Episode 98/805 Shaugnar Faugn arrives

Episode 99/806 Welcome Elder Things

Episode 100/807: Yithians,  & the Pnakotic Manuscripts

Episode 101/808: Cthulhu, & Cosmicism

Episode 102/809: K’n-yan, Yoth,  & N’kai

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Series 6&7 audio by Sara Fee and DB Spitzer

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