Future Plans(Series 3)

(Series 3) As we approach the ides of February(and my Birthday) we reach the end of series 2. We will continue where we were in series 2, the last episode will be about a 'Horror from the Hills' and something to do with elephants and/or hills. Changes: More structure less rambling, better editing. No weird audio that's … Continue reading Future Plans(Series 3)

Episode 210s: What is Lovecraftian?

Episode 210s: What is Lovecraftian? Has anyone ever called on you to decide if something was, or wasn't Lovecraftian? Does something have to be part of the Cthulhu Mythos to be Lovecraftian, or vice versa? Also, is there a major difference between 'the Cthulhu Mythos' & 'the Lovecraftian Mythos'? Brought to you by finestpomeraniantobacco EQUUS: Cigarettes … Continue reading Episode 210s: What is Lovecraftian?

Episode 200b

   Episode 200b: How the sausage gets made Sorry, no Pokamen this episode, that's next week. I keep forgetting this is a Bi-weekly podcast. In this episode find out what the overall point of this podcast is, tech specs, pro tips, and more. Listen while I ramble about how the show is structured and beg … Continue reading Episode 200b

Episode 20Hd

December 31, 2015 New Year’s Episode 2016 In this Episode we just read August Derleth's introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos. We learn about his elemental theory regarding Great Old Ones and his thoughts about HPL. Like  Download