Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard

Episode 608: Black Stones, Black Books and Eat Your Keyboard


Episode 608
First Episode w/ LWS as the co host, it’s all about black books, black stones, mad germans and eating keyboards. buy Zak A Fergison’s book ‘Eat Your Keyboard’.

Written by DBS
Audio by DBS & LWS

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Episode 605: R Campbell, The Shan, & a book by M. Faun

Episode 605: R Campbell, The Shan, & a book by M. Faun

605.jpgEpisode 605

Series 6 Episode 05

Ramsey Campbell
Insects of Shaggai
Severn Valley
Neon Golgotha by M. Faun

Hosted by DB Spitzer

DB talks about Ramsey Campbell, the Shan, and Neon Golgotha by M. Faun
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Episode 63: Panorama of the Thurian Age

Episode 63: Panorama of the Thurian Age


This episode we talk of barbarian kings and the land they ruled, also a cool book from Stoneskin Press.
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Mother Hydra & Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth


Whoa Momma! Mother Hydra, the origins of her name is part one, part two is ‘weird shadows over innsmouth’ published by Fedogan & Bremer, and edited by Stephen Jones. Some really great stories in that one. Third and final section is a reading of “The Discarded Draft of The Shadow Over Innsmouth”. Thank you for listening.
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Sorry about the delay, I’ve had computer issues and health issues. It’s hard to record w/o a computer or mic & it’s hard to edit while sick and recovering from a serious ear infection.

Episode: Hastur & Ambrose Bierce

This episode we talk about Hastur, Ambrose Bierce & Don Swaim’s book about Ambrose Bierce.
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the Last Look trilogy


This is a tale of self discovery destruction and selfishness. This is the story of a damaged mind dealing with truth, this is about running away from your problems. It’s about not knowing who you are. It’s about thinking you’re the hero, when in reality you aren’t really doing anything then stroking your own ego. It feels like a story of mid twenties self-crisis.
As Black Hole was about teen dread, this feels like it’s about twenties self-crisis and not knowing your way in the world or knowing how you fit in the adult world, possibly fear of responsibility.

This trilogy is about birth, life, death(just look at the covers). Doug wakes knowing he’ll never remember what was about to happen… A juxtaposition of strange dreamscapes & mundane reality. This is symbolism galore, but not in a bad way. Just in a heavy handed way, much like Black Hole.  The “dream world” oddly feels more real, and the “real world” feels like an anxiety dream. It’s a good story, I do feel like there is something missing storywise, but I can’t tell you what it is. It all makes glad I am no longer in my twenties and dealing with self-obsessed art art school types. The folk in the “real world” remind me of the parts of me I despise from my youth and the people I avoid in my older years, plus the head injury parts hits a little too close to home.

I really enjoy Charles Burns’ illustration style, it always reminds me of Shin-hanaga(新版画) woodcuts and photos of the Pacific Northwest in the late 70s-early eighties. The color and type in this series are great, and really do a great job of informing the tone and assisting the narrative of the story. If you like this type of comic book, you’ll like this comic book. If you have to hunt down a good bookstore to find a comic book you like, this is a comic for you. If you listen to my recommendations, then I recommend this.

I give it 4.5 K  large spotted eggs out of 5K large spotted eggs. I really enjoyed it, but I  feel it was lacking enough weirdness for me. I highly recommend it.

X’ed Out, The Hive & Sugar Skull will be bundled as a trilogy, I guess will be available Oct 04, 2016 as a paperback. Check out their publisher’s website.