Ballad of Johnny Smoothskin 2.0

This is all for a Fallout series audio fan project

1. White Stag, Downtown Portland pretends nothing happened, In the 2050 they were obsessed w/ the 2030s, and still are. Owned and maintained by the Kurt”Captain Fusion” & Robert Von Hardwien. Their family has owned and operated the oldest continually running brewery known in North America, celebrating 425 years. Old building are repaired, new ghouls move in. Feral ghouls are sent to retire in the hills. Humans like to take rad-x and go shopping in the cute ghoul run shops in White Stag. White Stag may seem like a old kooky ghoul town, but it is also a major military force adopting the old city’s military hardware for daily use. Yes, there is the oldest bookstore still standing, record stores, pizza parlors, and junk shops; there are also armed guards outside many major businesses and on every other street corner. Do not go there unless you have protection from a large amount of radiation.(the beer and soda they make causes slow ghoulification, and they know it. They sell homes to new ghouls, old ghouls go feral and are kicked out of town and used as guard dogs for the community)

2. Glowing Hills, wealthy and feral ghouls. From Goose Hollow to Sellwood is a feral ghoul zone. It’s where ghouls retire. Massive  empty houses, abandoned art galleries, a massive midway and roller rink enjoyed by semi-feral glowing ones(and visitors), and several botanical gardens. Do not go there unless you have protection from an insane amount of radiation.(This is the best place to scav, most of the wealthy residents are feral ghouls, and no one wants to scav there)

3. East Bank and East of East Bank, a toxic mess “protected” by an eco-cult(Waves of the Willamette), and an NCR Outpost. Waves of the Willamette thinks it can heal the toxic land by planting sunflowers everywhere. They fight NCR who is trying to gain a foothold in the Willamette Valley. None of their neighbors are willing to help them out, NoPo will help heal their sick, and The Park will sell them the drugs, booze, sex, and rope to hang themselves. They worship a dim red star and a king who rules it, and claims “He” brought the yellow fog to punish the wicked.  The land is very toxic due to a series of commercial accidents in 2150 at the WestTec Children’s Museum. Until that point it was a large peaceful collective that governed the area with out issue until the fusion submarine docked at West Tec’s NWCMSI caused a  chain reaction of exploding industrial plants that had run perfectly for the last 100 years, failed for no reason. The area is now over run by mutated insects, feral ghouls, and a tribe of scavengers living on an active volcano in the middle of the area.(Hardwien Bros blew up old SE Portland, and a cult took advantage of it. They believe in a living god named Xastur)

4. Mount Tabor, a scav tribe(Steal Fist of Tabor). Chem Labs, and Smoke Leaf farms guarded by heavily armed, heavily sedated  farmer/chemist/scavs in modded  T-45 power armor. All of their headsets blaring early 20th century Bluegrass and Western music. They throw their trash and troublemakers into the caldera of the active volcano. (Their chief was a member of the BoS prior to 2267, sent to survey the area by a California chapter. He found Tabor and never left)

5. NoPo is a settlement trying to move forward, ruled by a council. NoPo has a small college, many  parks, a large hospital, and a local militia armed with locally made pulse pistols(good for ghouls, humans or robots). NoPo wants to get back on track with civilization and hopes to be a bright spot on the West Coast. The Park and NoPo serve as a twin trading port. NoPo is where you go to get medicine, rare media from White Stag, education, and free housing in a semi-stable area. The Park is where you go for sex workers, chems from Tabor, weapons/armor, and to see people fight to the death in a pit.(NoPo is super racist against ghouls, they also are performing experiments to reverse ghoulification that will lead to a variant of the super mutant/glowing one)

6. The Park- massive free city made from the grave of a housing complex, Hotel Complex, marina, a horse racing track and an amusement park. The Park is trying to start a war w/ NoPo, but also trying to always sell contraband on their boarder. Not quite raiders, but not really willing to live indoors. Known to raid Washington, and tell stories of raiding the ruins of Seattle, Vancouver, BC, and frozen cited to the far north.(The Park has been setting up ports on the Northwest Coast for 100 years to hide their true numbers. The Park is just the public face of a massive raiding operation. When their numbers reach 5K they plan on invading the non-irradiated parts of the ruins of Portland)

7. Columbia Airport and Lower Columbia is ruled by ghouls of sports stars stranded at the airport, heavily guarded. PDX also maintains the Monorail. The military occupied the airport as the bombs hit the East Coast, several sports stars were stranded at the airport. In 2087 the ghoulified entourage of the ghoul sports stars influenced and infuriated the soldiers and took over the airport and have been in charge ever since. They offered the people of NE Portland protection if they unified and worked for them. All residents between the ages of 15-35 must serve as factory or farm workers. All citizens between the ages of 18-25 must serve as military.(Vault 9 is under the airport, it has been used as slave labor since 2177)

8. New Shady Sands is an NCR outpost founded by Crimson Caravan and the NCR. Inside “New Shade” is safe but busy, once you step outside you enter some of the densest fog and strangely mutated animals. Most NCR citizens refuse to leave once they arrive, and most soldiers refuse to go on patrol unless they can use a Vertabird or reclaimed power armor. Most deliveries are either from locals from Tabor, or soldiers brave enough to go to the Monorail station nearby.
The NCR wants to give up on this outpost. (Crimson Caravan refuses to back-out due to the belief that the fog can be beaten back, and that SE Portland can be reclaimed, or that a nearby tribe can be eradicated, and their land stolen. Current sights are on Tabor or Royal Columbia for a future home)

9. Washington State’s southwest coast is occupied by pro-prewar raiders with military gear, rumored to be cannibals who dress and worship George Washington. An unnamed vault opened in 2127, for what ever reason the inhabitants were cannibals who worshiped Pre-war America and George Washington, the State Flag and any token with Washington’s image.(No surprise, Vault-Tec wanted to find out if you can produce super fertile, loyal soldiers with a predilection towards opioids. The Vault opened and the strongest survivors poured out like locusts, eating every living thing, fortifying defensible buildings, and demolishing everything else. They blew up the bridges from Washington to Oregon for defensive purposes)

10. NW Industrial Waste Zone is the home of the raiders and bird called the Rad Herons. The area is a toxic mess of warehouses, boatyards. dry docks, irradiated wetlands, giant insects and animals, and an unorganized sickly raider gang.

1. Radtailed Deer
2. Rad Bee
3. Rad Elk
4. Giant Salamander
5. Rad Heron
6. Rad Legged Frog
7. Forktail Damselfly
8. Ghoul Chinook
9. Mega Shrew
10. Swift Swarms

1. Rad Berry(thorny mass)
2. Rad Fir(acts like a glowing one)
3. Red Blade Fern(razor sharp fern)
4. Glow-Grape(acts like a mini-mini-nuke)
5. Stonecrop, a non-irradiated super food that grows super slow on stone and concrete. Can be used to scrub area of rads, converts rads into growth energy.

1. Jansen Park Raiders
2. The NoPo Collective
3. Rad Herons
4.Royal Columbians
5. Lower Columbians
7. The Retired
8. The Willamette Waves
9. NCR
10. Steel Fist of Tabor
11. Washingtonians 

HBB Caps or “Portland Pennies”
NCR Dollar to Cap Conversion typically 2 to 1.
Park Bucks to Cap Conversion is 3 to 1
BoRC to Cap is 1/2 to 1
Caps are specially printed caps in the HBB bottling plant in White Stag and can be backed at any time with One Gallon of drinkable water from the Hardwien bottling plant or Hardwien retailer. Rebus’ on the inside of the caps are mostly pre-war references, or punchlines to forgotten jokes.
Used by White Stag, NoPo, Tabor

Park Bucks or Sandy Dollars
NCR to Park Buck is 10 to 1 due to the debt the local NCR owes The Park
HBB Caps to Park Buck is 2 to 1
BoRCs to Park Buck is 5 to 1
Park Bucks are backed with the guarantee of 2 hours of class C physical labor, 1 hour of class B labor, or 5 minutes class A labor.
Used by The Park, NoPo, Tabor

Bank of Royal Columbia notes or BoRCs
HBB to BoRC is 1/2 to 1
NCR to BorC is 1 to 1 due to arms trades in the the 2270s
Park Bucks to BoRC is 1 to 5

Characters for major stories

  • Blue Lady-From unknown vault, knows nothing of anything from before 2057. Vault used stasis field to store people. Their minds were still aware. She is a Chaotic Good character playing the game.
  • Brotherhood of One-Another member of BoS sent to find Father Tabor, his group died. He went crazy and now is killing everyone he thinks is against the BoS.
  • Skunk Apes-Yup
  • NCR Leader(new each week)-NCR loses a lot of good people, but gains access to NoPos medical center and White Stag’s media collection. The higher ups believe if they can clean and control the East Bank of the willemite they can get a foothold in the ruins in Portland.
  • Ghoul Zoo owner-Weirdo on tons of jet who’s been watching the now ghoul animals since the bombs fell. Trades goods for a day at a heavily armed botanical/zoological garden with a functioning steam train that circumvents the park compound. He loves steam trains, and light houses. He built a lighthouse in the parking lot of the zoo between 2079-2098 with the help of the other zoo/nearby forestry center employees.
  • Sister Hawthone(Waves of the Willamette)-An insane woman who calls the fog her lover , screams at people running through the streets of East Bank, or while walking on the overpasses of other districts screams about how the fog is her lover and the cities he now walks.
  • King Drexworth of Columbia-Ghoul King and former Center for the Portland Chinook
  • Father Tabor-A former member of the BoS who now manages 8 tribes on a volcano. He is short tempered and quick to pass harsh judgement.
  • Sandy Slough-Former local kids show host/Pit fighter commentator and mayor/sherif when the need arises> This crabby clown has at least 3 Police or Sherif’s badges on his many badged/pined/buttoned vest for his nautical clown outfit. He’s the Face of the swap meets, animal races, chem markets, quiz shows, children’s theater, the death match and the red light district, or anything else you can thing else that he can make a cap of off.
  • Johnny Smooth Skin-Morning DJ on KSTG “The Stag” 820 AM, he’s a good natured, read resistant freak of nature. A vault dweller who walked from the east coast in 2256. He is normally either at 820AM or out looking for stories(hanging out in NoPo or The Park bars). He’ll never say his real name, but if you ask nice he’ll show you his old Chinese assault rifle and Vault 108 jumpsuit if you ask nice.